“Fury dealt with the storm very well”: Anthony Joshua congratulates Fury on win over Wilder

Fury lidió muy bien con la tormenta: Anthony Joshua felicita a Fury por victoria sobre Wilder

Anthony Joshua congratulated Tyson fury for having kept in his possession the title of heavyweights of the CMB in view of Deontay Wilder.

“Congratulations to him, world champion of the CMB and two times champion, “he said Joshua in interview for iFL TV. “What he did is delightful to his wife and family, particularly his father (John Fury) who deserves it by being his main follower ”.

In the same way, he gave his impressions on that third episode between Gypsy king and ‘The Bronze Bomber’.

Fury he did very well for a man in his first defense of the title as champion, “he said. Joshua. “It showed how difficult it is to be a champion right now. But you did very well to deal with the storm, but SugarHill deserves a round of applause. That helped him a lot so that he had that confidence and wisdom in his corner, a great corner setup. “

Anthony Joshua said it was lovely to see Fury Take out that boxing and come from behind to achieve a resounding victory with a tremendous knockout.

“So it’s lovely to see him make his family proud, just like I make my family proud, so congratulations to them. AND SugarHill Steward and Andy Lee they have done an excellent job with Tyson“He added.

Joshua discussed Deontay Wilder’s work against Fury

AJ indicated that Wilder has tried to learn from Fury every time he faced it, and compared his own experiences with those of Deontay. At the same time, Joshua criticized the poor level of rivals that Wilder had had before Fury.

“I would have frozen half the motherfuckers… who faced (Wilder) in their fights, ”he argued Joshua. “And then you go up against one of the two good fighters and show how difficult it is to be at the top level. And now he is trying to learn because he has realized that Fury He’s a decent fighter and if he uses his ability to learn he could go a long way in the next three or four years. “

The same way, Joshua He noted that he has learned a lot from all the experiences he has had in the ring. AND AJ points out that there is a limit to the protection a promoter can give you in choosing opponents.

“I have learned from my experiences how to take hits, trying not to get hit anymore,” he said. Joshua. “But it just shows up-and-coming fighters that it’s good to be protected (by your promoter), but don’t pick your opponents, go out there and test your metal. Fans must see, I take these fights with fighters like Wilder in the blink of an eye, and I want people to know that I would fight anyone in their prime or anytime. Give me a mandate and I will fight anyone, I love boxing and I will fight anyone ”.

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