How many children does Canelo Álvarez have? How old are they and who are the mothers

Hijos del Canelo Álvarez

There is much talk about the sports career of Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, but in his family there are people who motivate him to be better and they are his children. That is why here we tell you how many children he has Canelo Alvarez and who are the mothers.

In 2021, the Mexican boxer married Fernanda Gomez, but before he had partners with whom he decided to have children.

Photo: Canelo (Instagram)

Children of Canelo Álvarez

The Mexican boxer has four children with four different partners that he has had since his career began. Here we present them to you so that you know a little about the family of Saúl Álvarez.

-Emily Cinnamon Alvarez: She is the eldest daughter of the Mexican boxer, he had her at the age of 17 with his then girlfriend Karen Beltrán. It is said that the middle name refers to his nickname, his love for her is so great that he tattooed her. They have an excellent relationship, he has been seen in many events with his father and even in fights.

-Mía Ener Álvarez: It is speculated that Canelo’s second daughter arrived when he was still in a relationship with Marisol González, a television host. The boxer baptized her, along with her mother, the model Valeria Quiroz.

-María Fernanda Álvarez: was born in 2017, it is a product of his love with Fernanda Gomez, his wife. The little girl came into the world when her parents were separated, as Canelo had a fleeting relationship with Shannon de Lima, Marc Anthony’s ex-wife. Fernanda and Canelo gave themselves a second chance, now they follow him everywhere.

-Saúl Abdiel Álvarez: a few months after the birth of María Fernanda, her first male child arrived. It was the product of his short relationship with businesswoman Nelda Sepúlveda. A few months ago it was his baptism and the boxer was upset by the presence of the press at the scene.

Canelo Alvarez He has an excellent relationship with his children, he lives with everyone and even uploads photos of them on his social networks. All of them are part of his inspiration to get into the ring.


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