LIDOM uniform ranking: From stripes and colors to quirky and old-fashioned

LIDOM uniform ranking: From stripes and colors to quirky and old-fashioned

The six franchises of the Dominican Winter League presented the shirts that they will be using, in a long-awaited season, with hits and others not so much

From the outset it must be clarified that we are not experts in fashion, much less in designing sports uniforms, but we appreciate and value what the teams have done. LIDOM in the presentation of his ‘armor’ for the battle of the 2021-20 season.

We try to choose from the best to the not so good among the kits of the sets taking into account the variety, colors, design, among other factors that give added value. The Giants were the last to present their uniforms, while the Lions did so in a very attractive way. Fans gave their opinions on social media and some were very… raw.

ESPN Digital presents the ranking of LIDOM uniforms for the 2021-20 season, which in general are owed both in final product and presentation.

1. Lions of the Chosen One

The Capital team is one of those that presented the greatest variety in its models. With white, red, gray and black shirts they cover all the colors that have identified them since their birth.

In this season they leave the “Capital” aside and focus as in their promotion indicated in The Season of the Century, celebrating 100 years of the franchise by presenting some models throwback.

They have been well received by fans, qualifying them as “hit”, “essence” and “identification”, and they get extra points for the communication strategy and the way in which they were presented. A success in every way.

2. Giants of the Cibao

Like the Chosen, the Northeast present four models where the main message will be Giant and in an alternate they will highlight the Cibao, a colorful black uniform that has characterized him in recent seasons.

It also highlights the retro version where the ‘Northeast’ will be highlighted in search of identifying the region of the country to which they belong. The other two versions played it safe and used and it works great.

3. Bulls of the East

Opinions divided has generated what was presented by Los Dueños del Torolío for this season. The color orange and the ‘T’ predominate in almost all the designs (orange and white shirts), with a black version that is the most attractive and harmonious.

The sleeves with a special camouflage (or Animal Print?) generate a lot of noise and are present in all versions, without being very clear about the objective and but score points for taking risks and going out of the ordinary.

4. Eastern Stars

Green, white and black. Nothing out of the ordinary and they remain in the same vein as recent years.

There are no drastic changes and at the moment it seems that they did not use a star or the initials EO on the chest.

5. Tigres del Licey

The Glorious had several changes during the season but the uniform was not one of them … Or was it?

They bet on a classic uniform remembering those glory years of the team and perhaps with that they want to seek to win the crown again. We wish you said retro look‘They will save it for a more special occasion (something like the Chosen One has done). Fans immediately reacted on social media about the lack of creativity and some miss the black jersey.

6. Aguilas Cibaeñas

It is true that they were risky with the uniforms but we think they took it too far. Since the preseason, some have used the name “Abejas” del Cibao and it seems that they wanted to capture some of it in the uniforms.

The sleeves look like those “cut here” designs with little consecutive lines on the black and white shirts. In the yellow ones there are sloping patterns that run across the entire surface, perhaps reminiscent of a second division soccer team.

Fortunately, the championships are not won by the uniforms, regardless of the cabals, so the ‘Big Team’ will surely look better on the field, getting results, than their jerseys.

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