Optimism in the NFL due to low number of COVID-19 cases

Optimism in the NFL due to low number of COVID-19 cases

The league, however, said it was concerned about a spike in soft tissue injuries this season.

NEW YORK – The NFL was encouraged by progress in preventing a serious outbreak of COVID-19 among the 32 teams, although it was also concerned about the increase in soft tissue injuries.

The Dr. Allen Sills, the league’s chief medical officer, acknowledged Tuesday in the first face-to-face meeting with owners since December 2019 that the low incidence of positive cases of COVID-19, between 0.04 and 0.06 percent, is due to high vaccination and that the protocols have worked.

Nearly 100,000 tests of COVID-19, a daily average of 1,200 in the league.

So far 94.1 percent of players are vaccinated, as well as 100 percent of team and league personnel.

“We will continue working with the players’ association in the goal of 100 percent vaccination,” he said. Sills. “The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have been in contact with us to determine how it was accomplished, highlight a vaccination success story, and target the NFL as a model to follow for other instances of society.

Sills mentioned the most recent mini-outbreak of the Arizona cardinals, which included the coach Kliff kingsbury.

“Of the first seven cases in Arizona, five were from different variants of the virus, “he said.

This would be an indicator that people were exposed outside the team’s facilities.

“Definitely, in terms of the impact of vaccination, we are not seeing the uncontrollable spread of the virus. We are not seeing the uncontrollable and uncontrollable spread that we saw last year, “he emphasized. Sills.

The league underwent a voluntary study of antibody levels to measure and compare who got immunized, when and with what vaccine, as well as whether the person in question contracted COVID-19. Sills he emphasized that it was “a unique study due to its size and the frequency of testing.”

Players can participate, but they are not the main objective. Team employees are.

Regarding soft tissue injuries (hamstring, groin, calf and others), the number of cases increased more than in the last five years, although in the preseason it decreased. Of course, there were only three preseason games for 30 teams this summer.

Sills cited the amount of work that players had to do in a short time and emphasized the need to dose the workload to combat this problem.

“There is a lot to be resolved in this and we will have more to say about it, I think when we get closer to the combine (in the winter),” he said. “This year (these injuries) were particularly noticeable.”

The 2022 Talent Pool will be held in Indianapolis, but that of 2023 is still up for a vote. Dallas, The Angels and Indianapolis they are interested in hosting it.

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