What is Canelo Álvarez’s house like? Where do you live, your luxuries and your cars

What is Canelo Álvarez's house like?  Where do you live, your luxuries and your cars

Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez has a fortune that allows him to enjoy many luxuries, but one of the myths is, what is the house of the Canelo Alvarez? Well, we anticipate that it is in an exclusive place and full of memories that are worth a lot of money.

The Mexican boxer is one of the best of the moment and his career is on the rise, it is expected that he will become a historic one in the world of boxing. Meanwhile he enjoys many luxuries that allow him to buy his millionaire contracts.

What is Canelo Álvarez’s house like?

The only reference we had were the photos that the boxer himself uploaded to social networks, but in a recent interview with the journalist Graham Bensinger, He showed his mansion and gave details of his future plans.

Photo: Graham (YouTube)

Saul Alvarez He lives in a mansion he bought seven years ago, which is located in the Jalisco metropolitan area, the exact address is not known, but it is speculated that it is located in Puerta de Hierro. A luxury residential and one of the most important business areas in Zapopan.

The mansion is huge and has all the quirks the boxer has wanted. Graham Bensinger He described it as “a mansion full of luxury and collector’s cars.”

The portico is adorned with stones that contrast with the chocolate-colored door, you are greeted by wide stairs that lead to the upper part of the residence. It has a movie theater, poker table and a dining room adorned with a large chandelier.

What stands out the most is the decoration, as it has memories of iconic fights, belts that he has won, paintings and everything related to his career in the box.

Soon he will put the house up for sale, as he will move into a house that is under construction on his ranch on the outskirts of Guadalajara. It is a replica of a luxury property in the Bel-Air neighborhood located in Los Angeles, United States.


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