2021 World Series: José Altuve is increasingly historic

2021 World Series: José Altuve is increasingly historic

ATLANTA – José Altuve is a more historic player with his bat every day and is among the best Latin Americans who have passed through the Big Top.

On Wednesday night, in Game 2 of the World Series, he homered in the seventh inning to seal his Houston Astros 7-2 win over the Atlanta Braves and tie the World Series 1-1. But he was also a 22nd career home run in the major league postseason to rank 22 all-time tied with Bernie Williams and behind only Manny Ramirez’s 29.

“Hitting 22 home runs in the playoffs and tying it means a lot to me,” Altuve said. “As long as my name is mentioned, before with Derek Jeter and now with Bernie Williams it’s incredible. That keeps me out there, hitting home runs to help my team and keep doing things like this.”

“As long as we continue to win, it will be even better.”

Altuve also doubled in the first inning, which later became the score for the pool for the game, after he had gone hitless in five at-bats in the opening game of the World Series against the Braves.

“Stats don’t matter at all in the playoffs as long as you win,” Altuve said. “You can be zero of 20, but with which you hit the big hit is important. That’s the playoffs. It doesn’t matter if I went zero of five (Tuesday). Today I showed, I tried to choose good pitches to connect and I’m happy that my team won. “

Astros manager Dusty Baker said Altuve has a talent and ability rarely seen in the majors, but his mindset is still bigger than anything, regardless of adversity, pressure or some other factor on and off the field. of game.

“When you know you can play, you have to,” Baker said. “I mean you don’t have a choice. My dad used to tell me it’s okay to have a low day, it’s wrong to stay there. So José never stays down.”

Altuve also matched Pablo Sandoval with three quadrangles, the most among Venezuelan hitters.

“I’m always going to be ready for the opportunity,” Altuve said. “I never lose confidence in myself. I’m always prepared to impact my chances. Whether it’s a couple days from now, Game 3, Game 4, I’m always going to be ready to make an impact.”

“Nothing is easy in baseball, especially in the playoffs,” he added. “But when you’ve been in situations before, you know how to handle them. (…) This team is prepared to come back from situations that we don’t want to be in, but we have come out of those situations and continue to play ball.”

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