“I don’t need anyone to rebuild me, just learn”: Joshua clarifies change of coach

“No necesito nadie que me reconstruya, solo aprender”: Joshua aclara cambio de entrenador

After Anthony Joshua meet with various elite coaches such as Robert garcia, Virgil hunter, Eddy reynoso and Ronnie shields, the Briton said that he only seeks to continue learning to stay on top and not change coach.

“Listen, I don’t need anyone to rebuild me,” he said. Joshua in interview for IFL TV. “I only made it to the championship. This is my twelfth championship fight. I just need to keep learning ”.

These meetings with various coaches opened the door to rumors that he would dispense with the services of his current mentor. Rob McCraken. Nevertheless, AJ He has denied that and made it clear that he will continue to command but they will look for other complements with other coaches.

“Yes, and (McCraken) You have to talk to the people I might want to work with and see if you can work with them, ”he clarified. Joshua. “I had the same conversation with Rob: ‘I want to work with you, but I also want to work with this other coach for six months.’ Rob might say to me, ‘You know what champion? This is not working for me. For the next six months, do your thing and come see me later. “

This opens up the opportunity for Joshua You can go camping for a few weeks with the best coach to complement you. Either Robert garcia, Virgil hunter, Eddy reynoso or Ronnie shields, all to be able to recover a better level and bring back all their championships that are with Usyk.

Eddie Hearn talked about Joshua’s next coach

Promoter Eddie hearn, he assured that Anthony Joshua will not separate from his current coach McCraken and that he only looks for other visions or trainings that complement what he has already been doing for years.

“It has not separated from Rob McCrackenHe has not decided that he will join another coach, “he said. Hearn in an interview with IFL TV. “I think he’s just trying to learn, he’s trying to see his setup, trying to find ways to improve, and he’s working.”

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