Marcelo Gallardo’s demands to consider his continuity in River Plate

Marcelo Gallardo's demands to consider his continuity in River Plate

River Plate is heading to the title of the League Tournament, but the continuity or not of Marcelo Gallardo steals part of the attention of both leaders and fans.

The Doll has repeatedly avoided answering what his future will be, to focus on the sporting objective. However, the current and future leaders have already started the seduction campaign with DT and Javier Gil Navarro advanced in SportsCenter some of the coach’s demands to follow.

In this 2021, River was out of the Libertadores race before what usually happens to him at the hand of Gallardo, but winning the pending title of this era, which is the local championship, would save the year and “kill two birds with one stone. “, because it would also ensure the presence in the Cup next year.

What does Gallardo want from the sporting point of view? According to Javier Gil Navarro, at least 3 reinforcements, as long as they keep the current squad, if not, they should be more. In this regard, the leadership is already working on the renovations of Julián Álvarez, the young scorer and figure, who is already in the sights of several European clubs, in addition to Bruno Zuculini, Agustín Palavecino, and will also have to deal with Fabrizio Angileri, whose The contract ends next June, and the DT has already declared an important piece for his team.

To these requests we must add a little twist, because Of the next reinforcements, Gallardo this time is not thinking about bets, but about footballers who arrive to add quality immediately.

And as for the contracts that expire in December, as in the case of seniors such as Leonardo Ponzio, Javier Pinola, Jonatan Maidana and Enrique Bologna, the coach would like them to be extended for six more months.

For now, these are logical demands on the part of a technician with a winning mentality, but not so simple to fulfill for the leadership in the context of the country and the competition of markets from neighboring countries, which today can offer much more from the economic point of view.

Finally, there is no stipulated date for Marcelo Gallardo to announce if he renews or if he leaves, what Javier Gil Navarro clarified is that, this time, with the presidential elections confirmed for December 4, the technician will not intervene or compromise with any candidate.

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