Pastore: “I know I’m not in a team like the ones I played in before”

Pastore: "I know I'm not in a team like the ones I played in before"

Argentine midfielder Javier Pastore affirmed this Thursday that he is aware that he is not in a team, the Spanish Elche, of the same level as PSG or Roma, so he indicated that he is adapting to the way of playing and the needs of the set from Elche, whose objective is permanence.

“You have the chip to always go out to win, to do it well and to help the team. I’m not in a team like the ones I played in before, but the desire is always the same to go out for the game, “explained the Argentine at a press conference.

“The objectives are not the same, we cannot fool ourselves. Here is the permanence and we are going to try to achieve it, “added Pastore, who hoped that Elche could stand up to Real Madrid, their next rival, given the great equality that exists in the competition.

“Anyone can beat anyone. We come from not scoring points and for us the game is very important, “said the South American, who specified that against the Madrid team” the smallest detail or mistake is goals, so you have to be very focused. “

The footballer, who came to Elche from Roma, after a year and a half without playing due to an injury, said he found himself “getting better and better thanks to the rhythm of matches that the competition gives.”

“I do more things, like dribble or step on the area, than when I reappeared, but I am not one hundred percent. That is what the minutes and the competition give you, ”said Pastore, who understood the concern of the fans from Elche after the latest negative results.

“The concern is because we have made mistakes that have cost us the games. We are convinced that we have the equipment to be higher. We have the quality to have the ball and take risks when it comes to taking risks, ”said the Argentine.

“We have to give something more with the players we have. You have to try to liquidate the games in the first half, ”said the Argentine, who released the coach’s proposals from responsibility.

“The coaching staff has planned the games very well, but those who enter the field are us and we have to give a little more and not make mistakes,” added Pastore, who pointed out that the formula to surprise Madrid is to “recover the ball close to their area to be closer to scoring ”.

The Argentine was not surprised by the equality of the Spanish league, pointing out that it is something that is already a trend in Europe and asked to “take advantage” of this opportunity so that the mid-table teams “can get closer to Europe.”

“It is going to be a very competitive league and that is good for all teams,” reiterated the Argentine, who confessed that the games against a rival of the magnitude of Real Madrid “are the most beautiful to play.”

“I had to face them many times in the Champions League and doing it now in Elche will be very nice,” said the player, who admitted that it is difficult for him to play in the band, although he specified that when he has his team the ball has freedom to move around any area of ​​the field.

Finally, Pastore stressed that Madrid have “important players who cannot be given a meter.” “It is a team that usually gives you the ball and when they recover they go on the counterattack, in the style of Ancelotti. We are going to have to be very focused so as not to lose the ball easily ”, he concluded.

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