The long wait for Jackie Nava vs Barby Juárez

La larga espera para Jackie Nava vs Barby Juárez

On August 12, 2018, after sharing the billboard at the Arena Ciudad de México, Jackie Nava and Mariana “Barby” Juárez They were already talking about facing each other in October of that year in a highly anticipated fight. However, various reasons such as the Covid 19 pandemic, forced a long wait that, now, will end on October 30 after more than three years.

The Aztec Princess and the Barby, two of the pioneers of women’s boxing in Mexico, have been wanting since that year, or perhaps before but they never made it public. Now the date is announced and the Municipal Auditorium of Tijuana will be the stage where they will face each other.

The failed attempt of Jackie Nava vs Barby Juárez in 2018

In the week of the function that took place on August 11, 2018, they were questioned regarding their lawsuit. However, both, out of respect for their rivals that weekend, did not speak more. At the end of the evening, they were face to face again and the fight seemed to be a fact, even October was the indicated month.

“My promoter just said (Oswaldo Küchle) yes, “he said Mariana minutes after stepping out of the ring, it even heralded a war. “It is a fight that the public was waiting for and we deserve it.”

Jackie, meanwhile, said that time that it was all a matter of the promoters Zanfer and Village Promotions agree to close the negotiation. He was encouraged to say that October of that year was the right month to measure himself.

Everything seemed ready for October 27, but suddenly Mariana Juarez announced that that day he was going to face Susie ramadan in San Luis Potosí and a series of disqualifications came between Jackie and the Barby. Nava He called her irresponsible, because the Tijuana woman was ready to face her. Mariana assured that Jackie and the coach Raul Robles they had disrespected him.

The same Barby stated after that lawsuit with Ramadan that February 2019 was the right month to face Jackie. Everything was put into words again.

The photo of the first attempt in 2018

Covid 19 prevented a new attempt in spring 2020

The negotiation was resurrected and on March 10, 2020, with the presence of both in Mexico City. They advertised in a Coffee Tuesday of the CMB that May 9 was the date marked on the calendar to see each other in a ring. However, that March 10 was a few hours away from the world closing completely, in the face of the threat of Covid 19 that was spreading rapidly across the planet.

The bantamweight title and the WBC Diamond would be at stake. Jackie he didn’t take the fight for granted.

“I want to see something signed, I can not tell you that it is already a fact,” he clarified Nava. “That’s how it was last time, I need to see something signed to tell them that’s it, but I don’t stop training.”

MarianaFor her part, she looked happy after confirming that she would face one of the best in Mexican women’s boxing.

“We are old sea wolves above the ring and those who will win will be the fans,” he warned Juarez back then.

But neither they nor anyone else imagined what would happen in the country and in the world with the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic forced the cancellation of the fight at that time.

After the reactivation of boxing, the Barby lost the world bantamweight title, while Jackie added three more victories to his record. The fight between the two seemed forgotten.

Finally, now, in October 2021

However, it was last September when the two met again. It was in a virtual conference of the CMB, where they were informed that they would fight in October and that the Pink Diamond title of the CMB in the month of the fight against cancer.

Neither of them was clear or sure about the confrontation, but they were encouraged that it finally happened.

At that time, there was no date or venue defined, but Jackie she was confident.

“It is an interesting fight, I dare to think that one of the best,” he said. Nava.

Mariana made it clear that she was already training for “a super-expected fight for the people.”

Thus, after more than three years of that first attempt to confront, Mariana Juarez and Jackie Nava They are a few hours away from facing this October 30 in Tijuana. There is a reserved prognosis battle that undoubtedly waited for the fans for a long time.

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