Who is Eddy Reynoso, Canelo’s coach? Eddy and Chepo Reynoso

Who is Eddy Reynoso, Canelo's coach?  Eddy and Chepo Reynoso

The Reynoso dynasty has been important in the career of Saúl “Canelo” ÁlvarezThey saw him arrive at the gym and until now they are part of his team. Who is it Eddy reynoso? He is the coach of the Mexican boxer and the man who decides on Canelo’s rivals.

While the Chepo Reynoso is the man who started training the Canelo in its beginnings, when the boxer was barely 14 years old. The Reynoso Family is part of the Mexican’s successes.

Who is Canelo Álvarez’s coach?

His full name is Edison Omar Reynoso Sandoval, although from a very young age they tell him Eddy reynoso. He started boxing when he was just 8 years old, although his father instilled in him the art of training and he decided to follow that path.

Photo: Canelo Team (Instagram)

At age 22 he achieved a certification as a sports coach that was accredited by Conade. Together with his father, he began to train a boxing prospect in Jalisco, until the Canelo Alvarez.

Eddy and Chepo Reynoso have been in the whole process of Canelo Alvarez. Eddy decided to leave Mexico and moved to the United States. Specifically in San Diego California, where he established a gym known as Canelo Team, where he trains boxers who are part of the team.

Your earnings have increased with the successes of Saul Alvarez. At first he charged $ 30. With Golden Boy Promotins, came to collect up to 7% of the boxer’s earnings. Although he now has a partnership with Canelo, the boxer has 67% of the fight income, while Eddy reynoso has 37%, which includes training, representation and assistance in the corners of the ring.

Eddy Reynoso’s achievements

In 2018, he was named Coach of the Year by the WBC, while in 2019, the Boxing Writers Association of America named him Coach of the Year.

Its brand “No Boxing no Life” has been recognized as one of the best in equipment by all organizations and associations in the world. He is one of the most recognized faces of the eSport Boxing Club video game.

A few months ago, the “EDDY REYNOSO FOUNDATION” was announced, which helps children with cancer in Mexico.


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