All the preview of date 2 of the second round of the URBA Top 12!

All the preview of date 2 of the second round of the URBA Top 12!

This Saturday the date 2 of the second round of the URBA Top 12, with more than interesting matches to watch, live and exclusively on Star +.

From 15.30, all six matches will take place live on Star +: CUBA-SIC, Los Tilos-ALMOST, Belgrano-Buenos Aires, Regattas-Alumni, San Luis-Pucara and Newman-Hindu.

Zone A


HOW DO THEY GET THERE: The agonizing victory of Belgrano Athletic over CASI extended the uncertainty for another week to know who will be the two semifinalists of Zone A. Thus, the clash between CUBA and SIC is of crucial importance for this zone, since it involves two of the three candidates to rank. CUBA arrives very well, solid and after a good performance against Los Tilos, whom they beat by 40 to 24. Those from Villa de Mayo loosened at the end when they had the score resolved (they won 40-12). The SIC is the best team in the general table, including the two zones. They only lost one game to Newman in the first phase, the rest were won by all. They arrive very focused on defending the title and come from thrashing Biei, 57-36.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Without a doubt, the objective of CUBA will be not to lose the second place it occupies in its area. That will not happen on this date, because Belgrano is six points ahead. But we must consider that the brown will receive Buenos Aires with the possibility of obtaining a victory with bonus. University comes with four consecutive wins. His last defeat was precisely on his court against the SIC, on the eighth date of the first round. Boulogne’s cast was very consistent throughout the tournament. With eleven victories, they are the most winners, with many outstanding players. With 62 tries it is the most effective team in the area and second in the Top 12, behind Hindú Club.

BACKGROUND: From 2017 to date, only once University has been able to surpass the SIC. It was on the first date of the year 2017, from 34 to 17 in Villa de Mayo. Since then, Boulogne’s club won the six times they met: in the first round, it was 13 to 8 in CUBA, and in 2019, by 39 to 20 in San Isidro and 32 to 19 as a visitor in the rematch .

Los Tilos vs. ALMOST

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: For the second consecutive date, Los Tilos faced CUBA and lost again, now with a more bulky defeat than that of seven days ago in Barrio Obrero. In Villa de Mayo they lost by 40 to 24 after a tighter part of 14 to 6. The Platenses after a very positive first part of the tournament lost the last four games they played. The CASI could not get out of the mediocrity with which they played this Top 12. Ante Belgrano suffered his ninth fall, a number too high for a team at the level of the Academy. In a very even game, the Zebras lost on the final, 30-23.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: For both teams it was an ambiguous tournament, with different aspects to take into account. In Los Tilos the positive signs were in the first part of the Top 12, with four victories and very interesting players such as Bautista Santamarina, Felipe Puertas, Iván Korenblit and Manuel Tuculet. ALMOST never managed to consolidate in the game. Good individualities, but with little connection. His little effectiveness in scoring tries was striking. Martín Roger’s efficiency was key to staying in the game on many occasions.

BACKGROUND: After the 31 to 26 of the first round for the Academy, they return to play in Barrio Obrero, a situation that had not occurred since 2016. On that occasion the CASI won in La Plata by 25 to 19. To find the latest success Platense as a local must refer to the tournament of 2011, when they won by 19 to 16.

Belgrano Athletic vs. Buenos Aires

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Belgrano Athletic did not play well at La Catedral during the first stage. He went to the break 17 to 6 down, almost saying goodbye to the Top 12. But the recovery of the second half gave him life and at the end, with the Brescia try he took a tight success, by 30 to 23 against CASI. Buenos Aires lost its eleventh game in the return to the Top 12. It was his turn to visit the SIC with what that implies. With the meeting defined, he dedicated himself to playing and there his best version appeared, converting five tries to the last champion. He lost 57 to 36.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Belgrano needs to add five to keep track of CUBA, the second in the area that for now is keeping the ticket to the semifinals. In the next one he will visit the SIC, the leader who will surely be the judge to know what his future will be. Biei is the last team in the Top 12 and will have a new chance in 2022, where he will have to fight not to be relegated. They showed some interesting players, like Peirano who reached 100 points, as well as Costa and Cantilo between the backs.

BACKGROUND: In the initial round they faced each other in San Fernando, where Belgrano won by 43 to 25. In Virrey del Pino they have not played since 2013, with the victory of Brown, by 25 to 16.

Zone B

Regattas vs. Alumni

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Regatas beat San Luis with just enough, by the minimum, 22 to 21 and celebrated its fourth triumph in the Top 12. The Bella Vista team played a point-by-point match and took off at the end thanks to Juan Cruz’s try Camerlinckx. But the Marists had it to win after Grecco’s try, although they failed to convert. For Alumni it was not a good day that took place in Tortuguitas last Saturday, where they received Hindú and lost categorically, by 57 to 20. In addition, with that fall, they said goodbye to the semifinals, a place where Newman and Hindú entered. Those led by Van der Ghotte and Neyra suffered four yellow cards, sanctions that were decisive for the development of the match.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: In Bella Vista the fruit of the great work they developed in the youth teams was seen, with the access to the superior squad of many players in this Top 12. The return of Pepe de la Torre in driving and some experienced returns gave greater balance to a team that sinned because of its youth. At Alumni, behavior was key to this end. It was the team with the most bookings in the Top 12, with 18 yellow cards, averaging 1.5 per game. The most striking thing was that Provenzano and Romanini (4) and Passerotti (3), were the most sanctioned of the squad.

BACKGROUND: In the first round Alumni won it fairly in Tortuguitas, by 18 to 17. With that victory he completed a series of six consecutive wins and eight games without losing to Regatas, since in 2017 they equaled in 33 goals. Regatas has not beat Alumni at Bella Vista since 2014, when it beat him 39-32.

St. Louis vs. Pucara

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: It was not a good tournament for San Luis, which together with Buenos Aires were the clubs with the fewest victories in the Top 12. Only one victory for the Maristas, too little for a team that had recently had good campaigns and growing sustained. But as the pandemic hit hard at the Summit, there were many variations in the training, which affected the result. Something similar happened through Burzaco, there because of the exodus as strong as it was disturbing of the figures that left. The two lost in the opening of the second round: San Luis in Bella Vista, by 22 to 21 and Pucará at home to Newman, by 40 to 3.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: It cost San Luis, especially in what was to generate attack options. They had difficulties scoring tries, they only made 23. Due to the effectiveness of their kicker, Felipe Hernández, they held on in several games. Meanwhile in Pucará there was no balance either. Now without the backs that stood out in the different national teams, things were quite difficult for him. They did not have the expected firmness between defense and attack (they made 33 tries, but received 50) and that weakened their confidence.

BACKGROUND: Absolute parity between San Luis and Pucará, who have won thirteen matches each from 1998 to date. Curiosities aside, the duel of the opening wheel also ended level, since there were no advantages in the tie in nine goals.

Newman vs. Hindu

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: They were the first two classified in the Top 12, although it is not yet known which place each will occupy among the semifinalists. Newman comes to the Benavídez duel with a minimum advantage of two points and the condition of the best ranking, in one of the tiebreaker options. They played a great tournament, with great conviction, the best defense of the Top 12 and a physical condition that was noticeable in the final minutes of each game. They come from beating Pucará in Burzaco, by 40 to 3, without receiving tries. Hindu does not lose track of Newman, after getting his tenth win. Toto Fernández Miranda’s team had no mercy on Alumni, and thrashed him in Tortuguitas by 57 to 20, leaving him with no chance of entering the semifinals of the tournament.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Although in the final stages all the rivals are difficult, for both Newman and Hindu it would be better to meet the SIC only in the definition of the Top 12. It is that the last champion was the best in the general table, with the Cardinal and the Elephant. following them very closely. Newman wants to get his first title, and he’s going for a goal he has longed for for a long time. Hindu, as always, reaches the finals with that winning instinct that has paid so much dividends since 1996 until today.

BACKGROUND: In the qualifying stage of the Top 12, Newman achieved the largest result since 1996 to date against Hindu, which he thrashed 51-15. Of the last four visits of the Elephant to Benavídez, only in 2018 Hindú could win, and it was by 26 to 9. The rest were all Cadenal’s successes, 36 to 24 in 2015, 34 to 17 in 2017 and 23 to 7 in the year 2019.

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