Auditor accuses Brett Favre of failure to pay back social assistance contract

Auditor accuses Brett Favre of failure to pay back social assistance contract

Shad White noted that Brett Favre still owes $ 228,000 in interest on the $ 1.1 million he returned to the state.

Retired NFL player Brett Favre and Mississippi State Auditor Shad White fought on Friday because he said the former athlete did not deliver speeches after he was paid. with welfare money.

The dispute on Twitter occurred days after Favre returned $ 600,000 to the state.– the last part of the 1.1 million that, according to the auditor, Favre received from a nonprofit organization that used money destined to help people in need in one of the poorest states in the United States.

The auditor said Wednesday that Favre still owes $ 228,000 in interest. and the state attorney general could sue if it is not paid by mid-November.

“Of course I got my money back because I would never knowingly take funds intended to help our neighbors in need, but Shad White continuing to defend this lie that the money was for no-shows is something I can’t save on. silence, “Favre wrote.

The former quarterback of the Green bay packers, who lives in Mississippi, wrote that he did commercials paid for by a nonprofit organization. White tweeted that Favre’s contract required speeches and a radio ad.

Favre does not face criminal charges, but the leader of the organization that paid him is awaiting trial in one of Mississippi’s largest embezzlement cases.

Allegations of wasting money from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program came to light in early 2020when the former director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services and five other people were charged, including Nancy New, who was the leader of the Mississippi Community Education Center, the organization that paid Favre.

“He has never called me back or met with me, but has repeatedly gone to the media.”

“Prioritizing tabloid headlines over seeking the truth is hurting the people of our great state who deserve answers and a resolution,” Favre wrote.

White responded that Favre was telling “lies.”

“I’m not going to hide how much you got paid, why you got paid, nor am I going to hold backroom meetings to make this go away,” White tweeted to Favre.

White said in May 2020 that Favre had repaid $ 500,000 of the $ 1.1 million in welfare.. In a Facebook post when he paid that part, Favre said his charity had provided millions of dollars to poor children in Mississippi and Wisconsin.

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