How much money does a professional Mexican boxer earn on average?

How much money does a professional Mexican boxer earn on average?

It has been a constant in recent years, Mexican boxers they have raised their voices to demand better wages. The issue seems to be a myth, because contracts are never revealed, little is known and that is why we ask ourselves a question: how much does a Mexican boxer earn?

Mariana ‘Barby’ Juarez remember that in mid-2008 people told her “Marianita you must save”, she ignored the comments because people did not know what they said, “What am I going to save if I didn’t even give to live!”

Boxing is a passion, but it is also a job for female boxers and for most it is their main source of income.

How much does a Mexican boxer earn?

The World Boxing Council (CMB) set minimum purses in championship fights ranging from $ 15,000 to $ 35,000, depending on the category. The problem is that these figures are not respected, the contracts are not public and in many cases you end up paying less than what is stipulated.

Photo: Barby Juárez (Instagram)

In 2008, the Barby juarez he accepted fights above 12 thousand pesos, on his return to the ring, he charged 19 thousand pesos. The best bag of Mariana Juárez was when she collected 800 thousand pesos, when she faced the American Ava knight for the WBC Diamond title.

According to information from Process, Mariana Juarez, Ana Maria, Jackie Nava and Zulina MunozThey are the boxers who earn the best, but the little known or who are just beginning their career must settle for a lower payment that can start at 20 thousand pesos.

The problem is that after charging they must pay 30% to the manager, 10% to the promoter and deduct taxes.

  • Average salary of female boxers starting their career: 20 thousand pesos
  • The best bag in women’s boxing: 800 thousand pesos

Those who fight for a championship must prepare for two months, they spend between 40 thousand and 100 thousand for their training and their purse must be greater for the fight to be affordable.

The boxers who defend or fight for the title can earn from 70 to 200 thousand pesos, although the best quoted can reach 800 thousand, but the dream of receiving more than one million pesos, is still a dream.


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