Laporta: “I have been talking to Xavi since the electoral campaign”

Laporta: "I have been talking to Xavi since the electoral campaign"

BARCELONA – Joan Laporta transferred “all the affection and recognition” to Ronald Koeman, proclaimed that Barcelona “will always be his home” … And he acknowledged that his dismissal “may have been late”.

The Barça president, who accompanied, and stole almost all the prominence from Sergi Barjuan in his debut in front of the media, presented the new provisional coach as a “daring coach, from the house and who knows perfectly the philosophy of the club” and he tried to cool down Xavi’s prominence as much as possible, admitting that he has been in “contact with him for months” … And surprising, perhaps misleading, by noting that the Al-Sadd coach is still “not our only option.”

During an appearance before the media that lasted more than an hour and a half, Laporta repeated that Koeman’s dismissal “may have been late … It is debatable but seen what has been seen, it is easier to say and analyze. Perhaps it should have been done. before, but then we thought that Ronald deserved that margin of confidence, “he asserted, stating that” I assume responsibility for the decision. “

“Right now the most important game, from the start, is that of Alavés this Saturday. Very important because we are still hooked on the League and we cannot disengage. If we had not failed we would be better placed because the League is open,” revealed the president, who continued to recount that “we also want to stay alive in the Champions League. We have a very important game in Kiev and we fully trust Sergi’s work in that game”, hinting that the interim coach will still lead the team in the Champions League match.

Laporta considered “irremediable” the dismissal of Koeman for “the dangerous drift” in which the team had entered and that made the situation “unsustainable. We have a squad, a team, which must be more competitive than it has been and there are to get the most out of it, “he warned, something that, he regretted,” Ronald couldn’t do “

“We beat the Dynamo, Valencia … But from there we entered a very dangerous drift that could unhook us from everything and that is why we made the determination” resolved the president, stating that his relationship with Koeman “is fine, for our We communicated the decision to him with all due respect and I suppose he saw the effort we made by giving him confidence and he understands that this is the law of football. “

“If Koeman has not continued, it is because the results have decided so. The situation was unsustainable and we thought that if we did not act there would be a reduction in our intention to fight for the titles,” said the leader, recalling that the Dutchman “we are very grateful because he arrived at a time of maximum difficulty and is a club person. A great of Barça and who will always be in the memory. “

Xavi Hernández, called to be the new coach after Sergi’s interim step, was obviously a prominent protagonist in the press room. From the outset Laporta tried to stay cold and distant with the matter, “I will keep the options we have on the table reserved because we could harm what is being done” and there came a time when he even surprised by stating that “there is a lot of talk about Xavi in the media but we also have other options “… Although among all this he was much closer than on previous occasions with the still technical Al-Sadd.

“I have not changed the discourse with Xavi. I have always said that I would end up being a Barça coach and I told him that I would like him to be with me as president. We have very good reports from him and all the inputs that come to us are positive,” he revealed, ensuring that your relationship is “good”.

“I think Xavi as a coach is in a process of growth and I have very good references from people who know him more closely. We have spoken often for two months, we have a friendly relationship, I know his opinion of the team,” he agreed.

“Xavi loves football, he belongs to Barça and training here was and is his goal. I trust the people next to me, who follow him and know him and other coaches,” he resolved, stating that he maintains regular contacts with the.

“I have been talking to Xavi since the election campaign and then all this time. What I told him is that we expected Koeman to fulfill his contract, out of trust and respect, for what it meant. We have talked a lot and we have a very good relationship,” he specified, sentencing Whether he is the chosen one (most likely and almost certainly) or whoever he is, he must be clear about the reality of Barcelona.

“Any Barça coach is required to perform and play … Or play and results if you hurry me. We have not lost our style, but we have moved away a bit and we want to recover it,” the president slipped, remembering that Johan Cruyff “always said that he preferred to win 6-5 than 1-0 … But in the end what you want is to win. We have our own philosophy that has given us many successes … And if we did it at the time, we want to do it again. “

“Barça’s style is genuine and although football has evolved and we have to be more versatile, we have a very marked personality” repeated Laporta, remembering that despite everything “at Barça there are no transition years and the coach who comes will have our support … but also all our demands because all titles are fought here “.

There he transferred all his confidence to Sergi Barjuan, saying that “he has all our support and confidence. He is a brave coach who will continue for as long as it takes (he left in the air until when) and we will see what will happen from there.”

“We ask Sergi to be as he is, determined and not to be afraid to try other solutions because what he has tried so far has not gone well,” he explained, warning that Barcelona has “a squad, a team, which must be more competitive than what it has been and you have to get the most out of it. “

“We are now focused on Sergi, who is a man of the house, who knows the club and the system, who was part of the Dream Team and understands the philosophy and what the culers like. We are hopeful and excited”, Laporta resolved, without Give many terms of the time you stay in the position. “Sergi will be on the bench until we close the signing of the new coach.”

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