NFL Predictions: Game Plan for Week 8

NFL Predictions: Game Plan for Week 8

We are close to the middle of the NFL regular season and a team that no one had on their radar, unexpectedly burst in to start drawing the attention of locals and strangers in the fight for a playoff ticket.

As the Bengals take advantage of the irregularity of other contenders in their conference, the NFC enters Week 8 with the teams that have the best records in the league, which can mark even more distance from their competition with one more win.

And as the surprises and disappointments of the current season begin to take shape, the experts at ESPN Deportes analyze various current issues in the NFL and give us their picks for Week 8.



They are definitely a team of care, but let’s not burn stages. For now, I have my doubts that they are the rival to beat in the AFC North. Don’t get me wrong, they are coming off their best win in years and I genuinely think they’ll be in the Playoffs, but you just have to go little by little.

Of course, I admit that if I were given the choice of a young quarterback, I would go with Joe Burrow, since, in addition to his talent, he has a particular aura that infects his teammates. Rookie Ja’Marr Chase has had a historic start to the season and the defense has improved dramatically from last year. Trey Hendrickson leads the NFL with 34 pressures on rival quarterbacks.

In other words, the Bengals are here to stay, but first they will have to confirm that they can win a tough division and then we will talk about other aspirations.

IVIS ABURTO / Twitter: @IvisAburto

It’s a good question, as no one really expected the Bengals to be in this position at this point in the season.

The rest of the schedule is not particularly difficult for a team that has won strongly against strong and weak opponents and that has helped it position itself as a candidate for the division title.

For now, they have what it takes to compete at a high level: a productive backfield with Joe Burrow, Joe Mixon and Ja’Marr Chase and a defense that complements that attack, but they are the Bengals and we will have to see around December, when realize what you have done, if you are mentally prepared to seek the AFC title.

ALFONSO MANCILLA / Twitter: @poncho_mancilla

It’s true that Zac Taylor appears to be the young head coach Cincinnati needed. It’s true that Joe Burrow has the look to establish himself as the franchise quarterback for years and Ja’Marr Chase’s pick from the past draft also looks like a great success.

The Bengals seem to be on the rise and although the division looks within reach today, the history of this franchise prevents us from being very excited. They promised great years in the days of Boomer Esiason and they fell apart. They seemed to be on the right track with Carson Palmer and coach Marvin Lewis, but nothing happened.

Being rigorous, after the field day that they will have this weekend against the New York Jets, the next five games of the Bengali calendar will show us what they are made of: Browns, Raiders, Steelers and Chargers.

As they would say, “pay to see.”

PABLO VIRUEGA / Twitter: @PabloViruega

They are more so than ever. He has a team that has improved a lot on both sides of the ball. Right now, they’re in the top 10 on offense and defense. They can attack on the ground and in the air, their offensive line has improved, at least they give more protection to Joe Burrow, who has to reduce the number of interceptions, as he is the third in the league with the most deliveries.

His defensive line manages to pressure the quarterback and is among the best in sacks, although he would have to improve in steals.

To be eligible for the division title, he has to add quality victories like the one he did in Baltimore. They may be 7-2 by the bye week, with the home game against Cleveland being the toughest. After resting, the Bengals will have a complicated schedule and there we will know the reality of this team. For now, they are a contender.

CARLOS NAVA / Twitter: @TapaNava

The Bengals are ready to compete for the division title, although many skeptics have a hard time believing it.

The test was the overwhelming they gave the Baltimore Ravens in all respects last weekend, but, be careful, it is one thing to compete for the title against the Ravens, inconsistent and lack of talent Steelers and Browns, who each time They show more that they will continue to be the same old Browns, and another situation is to ensure that they can win it, but, it is a good sign that they are talked about in that sense and that by Week 8, they are in first place in the AFC North and have the best mark of the conference.


Editor’s Note: The Bucs gave the fan two jerseys signed by Tom Brady, another signed Mike Evans jersey, the catcher’s studs (game shoes), a $ 1,000 card for the team store, two season tickets for the remainder of the game. current season and another pair for the 2022 campaign.

SEBASTIAN: Yes of course. And more than anything, the fan did the right thing. Although they gave him the ball, he knows it is not his, that the historic achievement is Brady’s and that it should be the quarterback who had that ball. That speaks to the character of the fan, who luckily for him, received some signed jerseys and helmets, plus tickets for the entire season and the next.

Also, not enough has been said, for those obsessed with the economic part, about the fact that Tom Brady gave him a Bitcoin, so even on that front he could stand tall.

IVIS: Totally fair. Of course, there will be someone who says that the Buccaneers almost should have given him $ 5 million in cash and even team shares.

If we take into account that, generally, when you go to a stadium, you spend on drinks, food and maybe a souvenir and the only thing you keep, which is invaluable from a personal point of view, is the memory of that At the moment, however, this fan won the lottery by coming out with an unexpected package of rather attractive gifts.

ALFONSO: A $ 1,000 card to spend at the team store, a game ball, a helmet, and a pair of signed jerseys. That is where the Buccaneers and Brady valued the recovery of the famous ball.

The really valuable thing would be the interview with the aforementioned fan and that reveals how deflated the ball was.

PABLO: If we start from the greed of every human being, including the fans of the team (s), then it is not fair, because there is nothing material that can completely satisfy a person, because the more they have, the more they want.

Now, if we see it for the sentimental value of the ball and the fan of his team, it was the right thing to do on the part of both. The fan receives several things in return and the team the historic ball.

CHARLIE: It’s hard to know if the deal was fair, because everything in this life is subjective and arbitrary, but it’s likely that a decade or more after Tom Brady’s retirement, that ball could cost a lot more money to collectors.

And it is a fact that the well-educated fan did not want to risk and recognized what that ball is worth for Brady, for the NFL and for the Hall of Fame.


SEBASTIAN: Limiting turnovers. Patrick Mahomes has been part of the problem in Kansas City and has 17 turnovers. The passer shows some sporting sins we saw him at at Texas Tech University, when he was taking unnecessary risks and being careless with the ball.

Maybe Mahomes wants to do too much, because the defense does not stop anyone or because they cannot run with the ball, but more than ever he has to be patient. Opposing defenses are constantly playing Cover 2 and Mahomes should take what the defense gives him and look for short, safe passes. I still think that if Mahomes limits losses, the Chiefs will sneak into the Playoffs and be a rival that no one wants to face.

IVIS: The Chiefs are what they are, that is, a team with an explosive offense and according to the way coach Andy Reid directs, it is unlikely that they will change their identity mid-season for several reasons, among them, because they do not have a runner who supports Patrick Mahomes to balance his attack.

In that sense, there are two key aspects with which the Chiefs will be able to straighten their campaign: on offense, minimize errors with a more patient Mahomes in the scrimmage bag either to throw short passes (as they say in the slang, take whatever the defense gives him) and on the defense, return Chris Jones to his natural tackle position to generate more frontline pressure on the opposing quarterback.

If either of these two things happen, the Chiefs will show a more regular and competitive face. The thing is, Reid and his staff are convinced to make these adjustments soon.

ALFONSO: I’d be lying if I denied that the credibility bonus the Chiefs have enjoyed is starting to wear off.

Despite the fact that prior to the arrival of Halloween the season has been spooky, they still have in their hands to rebuild the course of it as they did in 2019, when around November they adjusted and lined up to the title.

On offense, the most important thing will be for Patrick Mahomes to end the terrible streak of delivering the ball to rival teams, while on defense, coordinator Steve Spagnuolo must restore the identity of the unit and leave behind the experiments that locate your players out of their natural position.

PABLO: Improve your defense without being the best in the NFL, but you have to allow fewer yards and fewer points. His offensive line has to protect Patrick Mahomes and generate a running game.

Mahomes must take more care of the ball and not seek to do more than what the defense gives him. The serious problem for the Chiefs is that they always play with a sense of urgency, because they are down on the scoreboard or because they know that their defense will not be able to stop the opponent. They have the coach and the offensive talent to fix things, but they no longer have much room for mistakes or losses.

CHARLIE: The only way the Chiefs can save the season is to advance to the postseason and transcend there. The bar is very high for a team that has been to two consecutive Super Bowls and three conference championship games, not to mention having the best player in the NFL.

However, the message to the fans and to some would-be analysts, here is further proof that football, and the NFL in particular, is the quintessential team sport. To reach the goal and save the season, Patrick Mahomes needs help from his offensive line and a competent defense.

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