The unwanted guest arrives in Atlanta, but the party continues in the World Series

The unwanted guest arrives in Atlanta, but the party continues in the World Series

ATLANTA – The least desired guest made it to the World Series for Game 3, the rain.

From very early, the drizzle, which at times was almost downpour, was felt in the Truist Park area of ​​the Atlanta Braves, where the next three games of the Fall Classic will be played.

Unlike the Houston Astros ‘Minute Maid Park, the Braves’ stadium lacks a roof, so the rain completely stopped batting practice and warming up for players from both teams who are tied in the Major League title fight. Leagues 1-1, before Game 3.

To the good fortune of the King of Sports, the rain stopped practically minutes before the presentation of the teams, in which he surprised the standing ovation for the rival manager, Dusty Baker, who received a standing ovation for more than a minute, in honor that his career as a player began in this city.

But the ones he was unable to stop or modify in his plans was the fervent fans of the Braves, who from very early on made a presence in the area and in particular in the training center located in the main square of Truist Park.

“We have been here very early, regardless of the water forecast because this doesn’t happen every day,” said Ricardo Garcia, a Puerto Rican fan who has lived in Atlanta for more than 10 years. “The atmosphere is going to be good and we are here to support.”

Music from various musical bands that played on the two stages installed, bars and restaurants opened early, people looking for tickets and some trying to resell them, and above all, a lot of joy among the vast majority of Braves fans was the common denominator.

The entrance to the merchandise stores of the stadium was slow and limited, with respect to the number of people who wanted to enter. The lines outside turned around the corners. The city and state governments warned that there would be zero tolerance for problem fans, pushed by the “liquid joy” that “provides” the sale of beer that began at least six hours before the first pitching.

Several hundred police and security agents suspended vacations and days off on a mandatory basis to ensure that this weekend the celebrations of the World Series that returns to this city for the first time since 1999 are carried out smoothly in all aspects.

The Braves organization made a call since Thursday for the community in general and in particular its fans who enter the stadium to wear red so that the Astros and the people who support them felt pressure from the beginning.

The American National Anthem was sung by the award-winning Zack Brown Band, led by Atlanta native Zac Brown.

This was the first World Series game at Truist Park, which opened in 2017, and in Atlanta since 1999.

“It still doesn’t hit me that we’re playing a World Series and less at home,” said Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman, who is in his 11th Major League season, all with the same team.

Only a few really brave Astros fans made the trip from Texas to Atlanta.

“I first went from McAllen to Houston, where I was in both games,” said Juan Reyes. “Here he comes to stay at an uncle’s house and I wanted to see if he would come in. But the tickets are so expensive that I’m going to have to stay outside just to enjoy the atmosphere. “

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