Argentina XV defeated Uruguay A 24-17 and shouted champion in the Americas Pacific Challenge

Argentina XV defeated Uruguay A 24-17 and shouted champion in the Americas Pacific Challenge

For the last date of the Americas Pacific Challenge, Argentina XV defeated Uruguay A 24-17 and shouted champion.

In the first half, an early try of Geronimo Prisciantelli Close to the flag put things in an advantage for Argentina XV, but quickly the Charrúa were going to respond with a penalty converted by the opening Juan Zuccarino. The insistence and pressure of Uruguay A overwhelmed those led by Ignacio Fernández Lobbe, who could not contain the advance of the forwards and Lucas Bianchi’s try to put things 10 to 7, a result that remained until the end of the first 40 minutes of play.

Already in the second half, Argentina XV came out with another face to play the match, putting the ball in the opposite field and managing to advance little by little towards the conquests, first by means of Martin Bogado and after Mariano Muntaner. In this way Argentina XV won and shouted champion in Montevideo.


ARGENTINA XV (24): 1- Nicolás Revol Pitt, 2- Mariano Muntaner, 3- Juan Pablo Zeiss, 4- Pedro Rubiolo, 5- Rodrigo Fernández Criado, 6- Jerónimo Gómez Vara, 7- Joaquín Moro, 8- Conrado Roura, 9- Joaquín Pellandini, 10 – Martín Elías, 11- Juan Pablo Castro, 12- Santiago Mare, 13- Tomás Cubilla (C), 14- Martín Bogado, 15- Gerónimo Prisciantelli.

Changes: 60 ‘Francisco Pisani Caride by Juan Pablo Castro, 62’ Bautista Pedemonte by Joaquín Moro, 66 ‘Rafael Iriarte and Santiago Vera Feld by Joaquín Pellandini and Martín Elías; 71 ‘Luciano Anconetani for Jerónimo Gomes Vara, 72’ Nicolas Toth for Nicolás Revol Pitt, 77 ‘Boris Wegner for Mariano Muntaner.

Coach: Ignacio Fernández Lobbe.

URUGUAY A (17): 1- Santiago Bonasso, 2- Guillermo Pujadas, 3- Faustino Etchegorry, 4- Lucas Piriz, 5- Juan Garese, 6- Lucas Bianchi, 7- Federico Dibueno, 8- Carlos Deus, 9- Santiago Álvarez, 10- Juan Zuccarino , 11- Baltazar Amaya, 12- Santiago Gervaz, 13- Felipe Arcos Pérez, 14- Mateo Viñals, 15- Ignacio Álvarez.

Changes: 28 ‘Sidney Werner by Federico Dibueno, 30’ Ignacio Peculo by Baltazar Amaya, 40 ‘Bautista Basso by Mateo Viñals, 49’ Santiago Bonasso, Guillermo Pujadas and Lucas Piriz by Emiliano Faccennini, Mateo Perillo and Felipe Aliaga; 57 ‘Juan Diego Vilaró for Juan Garese, 63’ Santiago Percivale for Felipe Arcos Pérez.

Coach: Oscar Duran

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 7 ‘Try by Gerónimo Prisciantelli and Martin Elías (A) converts, 18’ Penalty converted by Juan Zuccarino (U), 23 ‘Try by Lucas Bianchi and conversion by Juan Zuccarino (U).

Partial Result: Argentina XV 7-10 Uruguay A

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 46 ‘Try by Martin Bogado and conversion by Martin Elías (A), 56’ Try Mariano Muntaner, converted by Martin Elías (A), 70 ‘Penalty converted by Santiago Vera Feld (A), 76’ Try by Felipe Aliaga and convert Juan Zuccarino (U).

Final score: Argentina XV 24-17 Uruguay A

Yellow cards: 29 ‘Faustino Etchegorry (U), 52’ Emiliano Faccennini (U) and 69 ‘Juan Diego Vilaro (U).

BASKETBALL COURT: Charrúa Stadium (Montevideo).

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