Celebrate Rocky’s 45th Anniversary with Funko Pop Collection

Celebran 45 aniversario de Rocky con colección de Funko Pop

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the film Rocky, the company of Funko Pop has made a collection that fans of the saga created by Sylvester Stallone it will blow their heads off.

There will be four different models, which will be based on iconic moments from the film that premiered in 1976. There will be three models of Rocky Balboa, and one more of Apollo Creed who was played by the actor Carl Weathers.

Likewise, these collectibles are to be pre-ordered but only the models of Rocky with the red and white underpants, Apollo Creed and Rocky with a belt, while the figure with the gray training loaves with the hen is not yet known when it will be on sale in the Funko store.

The prices of each of these collectibles will be at $ 10.99, and they can be purchased via Funko virtual store.

Features of the Rocky 45th Anniversary Funko

The Italian Stallion Rocky Balboa has been a sports icon of cinema from the seventies to the present, let’s remember that a few days ago Tyson fury, heavyweight champion of the CMB, noted that he was inspired by Rocky’s phrases to get ahead in his fight against Deontay Wilder.

Now with these four models of figures, Rocky collectors will have several options in their design and here we break down each one.

Rocky Balboa, classic figure with white underpants, with red lines, white boots I could miss the black eye.

Apollo Creed, classic figure with shorts with the design of the American flag and white boots with red.

Rocky training with a hen. Figure that recalls the moment when the boxer is being trained in the old way, where to work his speed they make him catch a hen.

Rocky with your golden title! Here the boxer is seen with his black underpants, as well as the boots. Finally he wears his champion belt well tucked around the waist.

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