Diego Armando Maradona, the legend (1960-∞)

Diego Armando Maradona, the legend (1960-∞)

On the first birthday since his death, ESPN.com traces the life of Diego Armando Maradona, a world soccer legend.

Life and work of Diego Armando Maradona, the great Argentine idol
Of very humble origins, the Ten became one of the greatest athletes in history, recognized throughout the world.

All Maradona’s stats as a player and coach
Diego leaves numbers full of glory, especially in the Argentine National Team and in Napoli.

Key dates in the life of Diego Maradona
At the age of 60, Pelusa, a world football legend, died.

Maradona’s best moments with the National Team
The Selection was always his great love. Diego Armando Maradona declared from a young age that his dream was to wear the blue and white and win a World Cup. And he did it, living unforgettable moments on the playing field.

Argentina ’78: the first World Cup in which Diego’s legs were cut off
The Selection was always his great love. Diego Armando Maradona declared from a young age that his dream was to wear the blue and white and win a World Cup. And he did it, living unforgettable moments on the playing field.

Diego’s first title: consecration with the youth team
With Menotti as coach, Maradona excelled at the World Cup in Japan by being the great figure.

The 1982 World Cup, the great disappointment for Diego Maradona
The Argentine star began to discover in that World Cup that being Maradona would not be an easy task.

Maradona-Reyna: this was the most famous personal brand in history
The Peruvian made him a personal persecution never seen before in the world of football.

The day Maradona became D10S
To understand the phenomenon around the Ten, it is necessary to revisit their match against England in the 86 ‘World Cup in Mexico and their most emblematic conquest: the goal against the English.

Mexico 86, the last great achievement of the National Team with Maradona
On June 29, 1986, under the guidance of an extraordinary Diego, the Albiceleste won the second World Cup in its history.

The day of Maradona’s second “hand of God”
Maker of incredible anecdotes and milestones that marked world football, he has to his credit not one, but two key hands in World Cup matches with Argentina.

An unforgettable milestone: Maradona’s ankle at the Italy 90 World Cup
El Diez suffered a severe blow to his left ankle with Argentina against Romania and had to infiltrate to play the rest of the tournament despite a tremendous inflammation in the area.

The day his legs were “cut off”
Doping at the 1994 World Cup in the United States abruptly cut their tournament and ruined Argentina’s chances.

The team where the genie started rubbing the lamp
At age 10, Argentinos Juniors decided to sign a 10-year-old from humble origins who was already dazzling with his ability.

From the Cebollitas to the debut with the Primera de Argentinos Juniors
When he was only 10 years old, he decided to go test the Bug along with his friend Goyo Carrizo, a friend from Villa Fiorito.

Maradona could have debuted in 1975, the day River was champion
Diego had the chance to play in the First Division when he was just 15 years old, but his Infantile coach refused to give it up.

The memory of the professional debut
On October 20, 1976, Diez played their first match with the Argentinos Juniors jersey against Talleres.

This was Diego Maradona’s first goal in the First Division
Diego was 16 when he scored the first of his nearly 400 goals in the local tournament, against San Lorenzo de Mar del Plata.

Maradona’s career had several key steps for Boca
The memory of the moments of Ten with the blue and gold.

The dream of playing in Boca and the only championship at the local level
Maradona shone, after passing through Argentinos Juniors, to be crowned with Xeneize, led by Marzolini.

The day Maradona retired in a Superclassic
Diego said goodbye in Boca’s 2-1 win against River on October 25, 1997.

Diego Maradona’s passage through Newell’s Old Boys
The highlights of that short but intense history of Diego with Leprosy.

Barcelona, ​​the story of a broken dream
What could be and was not, the immediate infatuation of his arrival, the overflowing passion of the people given to his football magic and the exit of the club through the back door.

Two years in Barcelona, ​​with more problems than success
His stage in the culé team was marked by hepatitis and a fracture in his left ankle.

The day they broke Maradona playing in Barcelona
The memory of when Goikoetxea fractured Diego’s ankle in a match between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao, in 1983.

The memory of former teammates from Barcelona
Diego’s two years at Barça were unforgettable for those who could share with the greatest figure of the time

Diego Maradona came to Naples as a man and left as a God
Hand in hand with the Argentine, the southern Italian club achieved its first major titles.

Diego Maradona’s first Napoli Scudetto
In 1987, Azzurri became champion of Serie A for the first time in its history at the hands of Diego.

The rebirth of Diego Maradona in Seville
It was a brief but intense stage before the punishment he would suffer at the 1994 World Cup in the United States.


Diego Maradona and his journey as a coach
If something was missing from his dream of being a DT, it was directing Boca Juniors. He always wanted to be on that bank and in that Bombonera that cheered him so much.

Diego Maradona’s World Cup as Argentina’s coach
South Africa 2010, the appointment that Diego had as coach of the Argentine National Team.

The phrases of the Maradona cycle as DT from Argentina
The most shocking statements of Maradona’s passage as coach of the National Team.

The ten moments of Diego Maradona with Dorados
Some chapters of Diego’s history in Ascenso MX and Mexican soccer.


Unmissable: Diego Maradona’s most remembered phrases
Sayings that left a mark of N ° 10, throughout his great sports career and his life.

The most controversial moments in Diego Armando Maradona’s career
Throughout his career, the Ten lived unforgettable moments. And others who had him as the protagonist due to controversial situations.

The Night of the 10th: the day that Maradona was a TV host
Diego demonstrated throughout his career to have talent for many activities. Without a doubt, he was number 1 in the world on the field of play, but he shone, among other facets, as a television host.

Diego Armando Maradona and his relationship with boxing
He loved gloves. He came to put them on. A look at the God of Soccer who also loved boxing.


What leaves us who were his contemporaries
The lesson that the death of the Ten leaves us for those of us who grew up and aged with him.

What leaves us who enjoy it late
At the age of 60, the best soccer player of all time and the most influential athlete in the history of Argentine sports passed away.

What leaves us who were born after his time
The 10 is also from “Those who never saw Maradona play.”

Diego, the cultural icon
He is much more than a soccer player: he is an artist, a symbol, a flag.

The archetype of the national being
Diego Armando Maradona is the Homeland.

Reasons to love an uncomfortable idol
Far from perfection, Maradona was a builder of memories for generations beyond his own contradictions.

Postcards from Quilmes, Uruguay, Seville and Seoul
Personal experiences of an ESPN.com member who lived pleasant moments with Diego Maradona.

How to Dribble Being “an Example”
Diego Armando Maradona left many teachings in the Argentine people.

The villager and Peronist who embraced his class
Emerging from the humble Villa Fiorito, Diego expressed his solidarity how and where he could towards the poor, the laborers and the most needy.


The messages of Argentine football
Diego passed away at the age of 60 and the sad news of his departure shook the national sport.

Athletes from around the world dismiss the myth
From all disciplines and from around the world, Diego is fired on the networks.

The Maradona Hour: The Clubs’ Tribute to Diego
At 10 at night, the lights of the Argentine stadiums were turned on to remember the 10.

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