JJ Watt’s advice to his younger brother TJ Watt

JJ Watt's advice to his younger brother TJ Watt

TJ has established himself in the NFL and is now one of the highest paid players on his team and in the league.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to interview the leader of the defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Trent Jordan Watt, better known as TJ Watt, who told us about the relationship he has with his older brothers, the advice they have given him and the importance of the support of the Mexican fans.

The outside linebacker of Steelers, was a key player in his team’s last game against the Seattle Seahawks, in Week 6 of the NFL, by getting two sacks and forcing a fumble.

And is that Tj watt leaves everything on the field and reaches the limit in each game so that Pittsburgh stay on track. On Sunday they will seek to spin the third consecutive victory in their visit to the Cleveland Browns.

TJ’s great passion for this beautiful sport lies in his family. His brother, a year older than him, Derek Watt, is a fullback for the Steelers, and his older brother, JJ Watt, defensive lineman for the Arizona Cardinals. So it is clear that football has been the bread and butter of his life since he was a child.

“Yes, I have a great relationship with my brothers. I talk to them on a daily basis and they support each other a lot, and we support each other a lot, ”he said. Tj watt in an exclusive interview for ESPN.

He expressed that he feels very happy and blessed because he and his siblings make a living doing what they like the most, and they have always had the support of their parents.

Before the game against Seattle he commented: “It is incredible to share the field with Derek and it is nice to play on Sunday night this week because I will see JJ play And so my parents can see us both and they will not have to fight over which game to watch. on television ”.

The youngest of the Watts detailed about the close relationship he has with his older brothers. “Of course my brothers and I have a group chat where we are talking all the time via text messages or FaceTime. We talk several times a week ”.

And he revealed what JJ Watt told him to grow up in the NFL. “I think the advice piece came earlier in my career in terms of being a sponge and just trying to absorb as much information as possible to become the best player I can be,” and boy has it paid off to follow the words. of his older brother.

Finally, TJ Watt thanked the thousands and thousands of Mexican fans that support the Steelers, and that they are always present in the Pittsburgh stadium, and in anyone they visit.

“We are very grateful for all the fans, not only here in the USA, but also in Mexico. They come out en masse no matter where we go, ”and he assured that the team is very excited when they play in the southern United States, because they know they will have great support from the Mexican fans.

“We know about the great participation of Mexican fans, and not only here in PittsburghBut wherever we go, you almost have a game atmosphere at home because we have great fans who travel and we are very grateful, “he said. Tj watt sending an affectionate greeting to all the followers of the Steelers in Latin America

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