Michael Bentt, the world champion who hated boxing and wanted to commit suicide


Michael Bentt He belonged to the huge group of people who detest the activity that feeds them, in his case, boxing. Oddly enough, he was not the first nor will he be the last athlete who does not enjoy his work.

Gabriel Omar Batistuta never adored soccer, as well as Andre Agassi He confessed to hating tennis. However, both are legends when talking about their skills and achievements, because they had what it takes to stand out, like himself. Bentt.

The case of the English boxer is clear proof that parental influence is a double-edged sword. You don’t play boxing, and this boxer always understood this premise. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to fight, until he managed to reveal himself and be happy.

Michael Bentt he posed with his gloves, and a smile not as genuine as it appears.

The stark childhood of Michael Bentt, marked by abuse and boxing

Son of Jamaican parents, Michael Bentt was born on September 4, 1965 in East Dulwich, London, United Kingdom. Although he did not lack schooling and study tools, he did not even have anything close to a regular childhood.

Bentt he had to burden his soul with the frustrations of his father, a human being drunk with violence, who delegated to his son the goals he could never achieve. You oppressed your child from beginning to end, without even caring about his tastes and needs.

“My father was a great admirer of Muhammad Ali“, Said the former athlete in the first chapter of the series Losers. “My first memories as a child revolve around boxing. Seeing two people boxing on TV scared me, but it was a constant ”.

“Well, my dad was very simple, and he expressed little. Was he silent, or unleashed his anger. He did not understand what it was to study, because it was not in his vocabulary. I just wanted me to be next Ali“He continued Mike in his story.

“I went to a gym for the first time when I was a kid,” he explained. “I boxed for 9 months. I didn’t like being hit on the head. My father didn’t give a shit, because he wanted me to be a boxer. He needed him to live what he hadn’t been able to ”.

Michael Bentt He tried to get away from the activity, and grow as healthy as possible. He decided to ask his dad about the possibility of abandoning the art of fists, but did not get the answer he wanted.

“One day I ran away from school. I was nervous. I was going to tell my dad that I was quitting boxing. I got home, and I told him when he sat down on the couch. He went to the television, ripped the antenna off it, and used it to beat me to death. It was an inhuman episode ”, he described.

“I couldn’t digest it,” he revealed Bentt. “My dad didn’t want to teach me, he just liked to dominate me. Boxing is a primitive survival contest between pairs. I won the Golden gloves four times, I was a national champion five times. That is a record ”.

Mike bentt He was an outstanding amateur boxer, with important prizes and great participations.

Michael Bentt became a boxing pro

What many dream, Michael Bentt He ended up living it like a nightmare inside a boxing ring. He saw professionalism as an opportunity, a rope that would allow him to escape definitively from the abuse of his father, but it was not like that

“I never wanted to be a professional, I did it to get out of my father’s house. I thought I could be a star, win about 25 fights, and find someone important. I lost on my debut. There is nothing more humiliating for a boxer than to lose by knockout in public, “he said. Bentt.

“My father was there, and he went crazy,” said the Briton. “He yelled at me, he called me names, and they hadn’t even knocked him out. I came to hate myself, I felt sorry for myself. Many people spoke badly of me, thinking that I did not hear them. They left me papers in my car, teasing and assaulting them ”.

Sunk in depression and resentment Michael Bentt He did nothing but hurt himself. His life took a nosedive, and disorder took possession of his body. He had to anesthetize his pain excessively, and it didn’t work either.

“I wasted my money on girls and nightclubs. I wanted to calm down, but I found a gun in my apartment. I put it over my mouth, and didn’t dare to trigger. It was very painful, I couldn’t do it, but I wanted to ”, he revealed Bentt, moved.

“I received a call from Evander holyfield“Said the retired boxer. “I was his sparring partner. The owner of his gym saw me, and recognized my great level. He had something to prove. I wanted to hit the big shot, and be able to fill my void with what all the champions receive ”.

Michael Bentt seized his golden opportunity

After a string of successes, Michael Bentt He received the call to immortality in boxing, to seal his name among the lucky ones who were able to consecrate themselves worldwide. It was at that time, or never ever.

“I won my next ten fights, and they gave me the opportunity to face Tommy morrison for the world title. He had me cornered, and I was screwed. A voice in my head told me to go on. I could not return to my land if they knocked me out, “he said. Bentt.

“I managed to throw him to the canvas twice, and the third time was the charm,” he declared. “I raised my hands, celebrated, and threw my mouth guard, now do you love me? If I’d had a chance to quit boxing, I would have. I never wanted to be a professional ”.

Bentt got high, but didn’t have enough to hold at that level

Even from the place of world champion and with his belt in the showcase, Michael Bentt he did not move safely in the box business. It was difficult for him to find rivals, he was not sure of their continuity, and his first defense ended up being his last dance.

“For my next fight, I knew I didn’t have enough to hold my place as heavyweight champion. The power of fists Herbie Hide it was like putting a knife in your outlet, “he described Bentt.

“He hit me with a great combination, and I lost my balance with a right hand,” he continued. “I bounced on the canvas, I was puzzled. I fainted, my brain was swollen and they had to induce me into a coma so that the condition does not get worse ”.

As incredible as it sounds, the progenitor of Michael Bentt He was not interested in the health of his son. He worried more about the undesirable fruit of his last presentation, than about the enormous risk that the existence of the already complete ex-monarch ran.

“My father asked the doctor to leave me there, cold. He ordered them to let me die as soon as possible. I was unconscious for 96 hours, until I woke up and saw a light. They told me that I would not box again, because I could die or be in a vegetative state. I felt a huge relief, “he said.

The rebirth of Mike Bentt, not so far from boxing

Although he suffered it at the hands of Herbie Hide brought him closer to death, Michael Bentt he began to feel more alive than ever. Far from being a hindrance in his life, it was the key that allows him to open every door he comes across, until today.

“I no longer wanted to fight,” he acknowledged. “I didn’t know why I was doing it. Two years after that, I bought a house in Pennsylvania. I signed up for a writing course, and started writing for some magazines. My first text was’Anatomy of a knockout‘, and it took me three days to write it. “

“I acted as Sonny liston in the movie of Ali. My life totally changed in Los Angeles, because I felt more comfortable. I trained many actors who played boxers. Boxers are great liars who deny everything, “he said. Bentt.

Michael Bentt in his role of Sonny liston, for the movie of Muhammad Ali.

“On the contrary, the actor must live that pain,” he clarified. “I grew emotionally, and I found my professional place. The most important thing, without a doubt, is to assimilate failure. Get knocked out by Hide it was the best thing that happened to me ”.

“If not, I would still be in the boxing role. I would suffer, I would have to give an image and show myself in a facet that I never liked. Sometimes it takes a long time to find your sound, and I’m always looking for who I am. That’s good, “he concluded.

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