San Luis received Pucará at La Cumbre and won 39-10

San Luis received Pucará at La Cumbre and won 39-10

By the second date of Zone B of URBA Top 12, saint Louis received Pucara and thrashed 39-10 at La Cumbre.

The moments of the game did not wait and 3 minutes before the start saint Louis supported his first try by means of Alan Oubina. The person in charge of the sticks was Second Fresh White, who had a good afternoon with his foot before the sensitive loss of Felipe Hernandez.

With the running of the meeting saint Louis He showed himself in a different way than how he had been playing; deploying the attack in a correct way and going out of the scheme, something that would bear a lot of fruit as it was in the second try of the Marist, when Bautista Magliano he kicked deep to get himself into the race and support. Pucara he could barely discount with a penalty of German Klubus.

In a few minutes, a similar play would happen. Captain Alan Oubina He saw that there was no one left in the background and with a very good kick from the left pillar he gave space to Franco Gnecco to accelerate, tap and get to your try.

At the end of the first half, spirits began to heat up and after several warnings for both teams, Santiago Canal received a yellow card. In this way saint Louis he went to rest imposing on Pucara by 22 to 3, but with one less man.

In the second half the set of Burzaco he looked for a change of attitude and in a few moments he succeeded. One of these was 10 minutes into the complement, where through the scrum he submitted to saint Louis and obtained a penalty try; followed by a yellow card for the front row Alan Oubina.

Already reaching the end of the meeting, the Marist group returned to invoice and in duplicate through their backs. Gonzalo Molina Ferrer and Isidro Martínez Campodónico respectively. Both plays featured great sleight of hand and mark-taking. The game ended 39 to 10 in favor of the local team, which is the second victory so far in the URBA Top 12 for the team The top.


SAINT LUIS (39): 1. Alan Oubiña ©, 2. Gastón Giménez, 19. Franco Fagre, 4. Pedro Acerbo, 5. Santiago Wallace, 6. Felipe Piatti, 7. Franco Gnecco, 8. Santiago Canal, 9. Ignacio Castiglione, 10. Bautista Magliano, 11. Facundo Cúcolo, 12.Segundo Blanco Fresco, 13. Facundo Gibert, 14. Teo Ferrari, 15. Isidro Martínez Campodónico.

Changes: ST- 1 ‘Matías Perissinotto by Pedro Acerbo; 4 ‘Exequiel Martínez for Franco Fagre; 5 ‘Gonzalo Molina Ferrer for Bautista Magliano; 10 ‘Franco Fagre for the yellow card to Alan Oubiña; 24 ‘Facundo Álvarez Amado by Felipe Piatti; 32 ‘Gastón Pedeflous for Ignacio Castiglione; 35 ‘Franco Cantaluppo for Gastón Giménez, Eduardo Ruesta for Teo Ferrari.

Trainers: Luciano Lazzarini, Carlos Hernán Nieto and Andrés Albina.

PUCARA (10): 1. Tulio Sosa ©, 3. Jeremías de Sarro, 23. Tomás Kelly, 4. Mariano Rassetto, 5. Eliseo Fourcade, 17. Felipe Amado, 7. Gregorio Pascual, 8. Leandro Urriza, 9. Germán Klubus, 10. Ignacio Ramón, 14. Joaquín Jorge, 12. Nicolás González Amorosino, 13. Tomás Perez, 19. Facundo Enrique, 15. Francisco Jorge.

Changes: ST: 1 ‘Martín Fraticelli by Francisco Jorge; 18 ‘Tomás Montes for Tomás Kelly, Santiago Pardal for Gregorio Pascual; 31 ‘Ignacio Cóppola for Eliseo Fourcade.

Trainers: Gustavo Jorge, Conrado González Bravo and Nahuel Camargo.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 3 ‘try by Alan Oubiña (SL), 8’ penalty converted by Germán Klubus (P); 11 ‘penalty converted by Segundo Blanco Fresco (SL); 23 ‘try by Bautista Magliano converted by Segundo Blanco Fresco (SL); 30 ‘try by Franco Gnecco converted by Segundo Blanco Fresco (SL).

PARTIAL RESULT: San Luis 22-3 Pucará

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 10 ‘penalty try for Pucará; 30 ‘penalty converted by Segundo Blanco Fresco (SL); 33 ‘try by Gonzalo Molina Ferrer converted by Segundo Blanco Fresco (SL); 39 ‘try by Isidro Martínez Campodónico converted by Segundo Blanco Fresco (SL).

FINAL SCORE: San Luis 39-10 Pucará.

Admonished: PT- 37 ‘Santiago Canal (SL). ST: 10 ‘Alan Oubiña (SL)


REFEREE: Ignacio Cicarelli.

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