URBA Top 12: ALMOST looked for it until the end and beat Los Tilos 23-22

URBA Top 12: ALMOST looked for it until the end and beat Los Tilos 23-22

For the second day of the second round of the URBA Top 12, ALMOST had a little more rest and beat Los Tilos 23-22 with an agonizing penalty from Martín Roger.

The whole of the Barrio Obrero started a little better and he was the one who opened the account in the hot afternoon of La Plata, with a Bautista Santamarina prison. But the Academy responded a few minutes later, with a try from Juan Torres Obeid after a line play and maul.

The answer was going to come the same way, but this time it was Bautista Gatti who took the ball at the base of the maul and ran over the visiting defense. Nevertheless, ALMOST was the winner at halftime thanks to a penalty from Roger first, and a try on the final play by Joaquín Saenz de Miera.

In the complement, Los Tilos came out with more decision and at 6 minutes he would discount with a try by Nicolás Korenblit near the flag. The homeowners grew up in the game and took control of the game.

ALMOST, who did not have too many chances to bring danger to the local ingoal, transformed Martín de Roger into a figure at his opening. On the 10th he stretched the lead with a penalty at 23rd and, when Los Tilos turned the score around with a try by Tigo Bassagaisteguy, he hit the sticks again to ensure victory.


THE TILOS (22): 1. Elio Basualdo, 2. Iván Korenblit (C), 3. Lisandro Dipierri, 4. Martín Vergani, 5. Maximiliano Alonso, 6. Agustín Bongiovanni, 7. Felipe Puertas, 8. Bautista Gatti, 9. Marcos Albina, 10 Bautista Santamarina, 11. Mateo Tuculet, 12. Bautista Roberti Merlo, 13. Tomás Fernández Armendáriz, 14. Nicolás Korenblit, 15. Nicolás Fernández Vega.

Changes: ST – at the beginning Gianluca Broglia by Maximiliano Alonso; 11 ‘Manuel Puertas by Elio Basualdo; 24 ‘Pedro Rodríguez Alcobendas for Marcos Albina; 26 ‘Tiago Bassagaisteguy for Tomás Fernández Armendáriz; 32 ‘Guillermo Fontana for Mateo Tuculet.

Trainers: Ramiro Bernal and Leandro Fioravanti.

ALMOST (23): 1. Facundo Scaiano, 2. Juan Torres Obeid, 3. Ignacio Nieto Sánchez, 4. Agustín Posleman, 5. Leonel Mazzini, 6. Vicente Boronat, 7. Joaquín Sáenz de Miera, 8. Luis Briatore, 9. Agustín Figuerola ( C), 10. Martín Roger, 11. Joaquín Palisa, 12. Matías Phelan, 13. Benjamín Belaga, 14. Tomás Descalzo, 15. Jerónimo Solveyra.

Changes: ST – at the beginning Tomás Carman by Agustín Posleman; 6 ‘Bautista Bernasconi by Joaquín Palisa; 16 ‘Felipe Probaos by Juan Torres Obeid; 20 ‘Hugo García by Ignacio Nieto Sánchez.

Trainers: Patricio O’Reilly, Sebastián Pegury and Francisco Corbacho.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 12 ‘Penalty kick from Bautista Santamarina (LT); 16 ‘try by Juan Torres Obeid, converted by Martín Roger (ALMOST); 23 ‘try by Bautista Gatti, converted by Bautista Santamarina (LT); 28 ‘penalty by Martín Roger (CASI); 42 ‘try by Joaquín Sáenz de Miera, converted by Martín Roger (CAS).

Partial Result: Los Tilos 10–17 ALMOST.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 6 ‘try by Nicolás Korenblit (LT); 23 ‘penalty by Martín Roger (CASI); 30 ‘try by Tiago Bassagaisteguy (LT), converted by Bautista Santamarina; 42 ‘Penalty Martín Roger (CASI).

Final score: Los Tilos 22 – 23 ALMOST.

INCIDENTS: PT – 41 ‘Yellow card for Agustín Bongiovanni (LT). ST – 5 ‘Yellow for Leonel Mazzini (CASI); 6 & # 39; Yellow for Juan Torres Obeid (CASI); 42 & # 39; Yellow for Iván Korenblit (LT)


REFEREE: Juan Maio.

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