URBA Top 12: Alumni turned it over to Regatas and defeated it 36-31

URBA Top 12: Alumni turned it over to Regatas and defeated it 36-31

In an engaging match, Alumni he was left with the victory before Regattas by 36-31, in what was the second date of the second round of the URBA Top 12.

The first half had the locals as the great protagonists. They were totally superior to their rival, and they showed a great game. At 2 minutes, the opening Jose De La Torre, opened the scoring with a penalty. From there Regattas he dedicated himself solely to attacking, as his rival was unable to make a foothold in the match. They cost him so only 15 minutes to fullback, captain and figure, Camerlinckx Cross, get two tries and put things 17-0.

Little by little, Alumni he started to find the ball and let the great game of his backs begin to flow. With Joaquin Diaz Luzzi as a figure, he reached his only try of the first 40 minutes. But just 3 minutes later, and without allowing the visitor to enjoy their first conquest, the eighth Felipe Camerlinckx, again broke the defense of those of Little turtles, and left everything in the family.

But when it seemed that the complement was going to be a mime of the first half, Alumni he began to completely dominate the match. Their pack of forwards got stronger and they started to win all the fixed formations they had. In this way the pillar Federico Lucca He reached a new try and headed the visitor’s comeback.

Regattas began to defend closer and closer to his ingoal, and allowed him to Alumni win many meters on the field. Santiago González Iglesias, Diaz Luzzi and ProvenzanoThey were the ones who won the most meters, these last two being the faces of all the last points of the Tortuguitas team.

Alumni He knew how to correct the mistakes he had been committing, he turned a very tough match and, despite no longer having a chance to reach the semifinals, he will seek to win all the remaining matches to face another face next year.


Regattas (31): 1- Diego Torres Agüero, 16- Pedro García Colinas, 17- Beltran Landivar; 5- Esteban Sciandro, 4- Tomás Sanguinetti; 7- Santiago Camerlinckx, 6- Agustin Medrano, 8- Tobías Moyano; 9- Marcos Joseph, 10- José De La Torre; 11- Felipe Rugolo; 12- Juan Corso, 13- Alejo Barrera; 14- José Dalbosco; 15- Cruz Camerlinckx (C).

Coaches: Pablo Camerlinckx and Francisco Camerlinckx.

Changes: ST: 13´ Tomás Barbaccia by Diego Torres Agüero, 29´ Cristian Sourrouille by Esteban Sciandro.

Alumni (36): 1- Federico Lucca, 2- Juan Garri, 3- Nicolas Frene; 4- Ignacio Milou, 5- Patricio Andersen; 6- Ignacio Etchegoyen, 7- Bautista Vassolo, 8- Tobías Moyano; 9- Tomás Passerotti (C), 10- Francisco Bautista Canzani; 11- Tomás Corneille; 12- Santiago González Iglesias, 13- Máximo Provenzano; 14- Second Gaviña; 15- Joaquin Diaz Luzzi.

Coaches: Santiago Van Der Ghote, Nahuel Neyra and Rodrigo Salice Jiménez Salice.

Changes: ST: 5´ Maximiliano Oliva by Nicolas Frene, 9´ Santiago Alduncin by Ignacio Milou, 9´ Alejo Gonzáles Chaves by Bautista Canzani, 18´ Juan Cruz Alvariñas by Santiago González Iglesias, 18´ Luca Sabato by Segundo Gaviña, 24´ Liam Healy by Juan Cruz Garri, 24´ Máximo Castrillo by Federico Lucca.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 2´ penalty José De La Torre (R), 8´ try Cruz Camerlinckx converted by José De La Torre (R), 15´ try Cruz Camerlinckx converted by José De La Torre (R), 24´ try Joaquín Diaz Luzzi (A ), 28´ try Felipe Camerlinckx (R).

Partial result: RACES 22- ALUMNI 5.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 5´ try Federico Lucca converted by Bautista Canzani (A), 7´ drop José De La Torre (R), 11´ try Ignacio Etchegoyen converted by Joaquín Diaz Luzzi (A), 19´ try Máximo Provenzano converted by Joaquín Diaz Luzzi (A ), 24 ‘penalty José De La Torre (R), 35’ penalty Joaquín Diaz Luzzi (A), 39 ‘try converted by Joaquín Diaz Luzzi (A), 40+ penalty José De La Torre (R).

Final result: REGATAS 31- ALUMNI 36

Admonished: ST: 35´ José Dalbosco (R).

Referee: Simon Larrubia

Basketball court: Regattas

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