URBA Top 12: Belgrano defeated Buenos Aires and is excited about the semifinals

URBA Top 12: Belgrano defeated Buenos Aires and is excited about the semifinals

After an even first half in which both teams committed many infractions, in the complement, Belgrano sHe brought out the power of his forwards to unlock the match and defeated Buenos Aires 59 to 38. In this way, he obtained five key points to enter the top four of the URBA Top 12.

Despite the high temperature, Belgrano and Buenos Aires played at great intensity and provided a great game in Virrey del Pino. To the surprise of many, the start of the meeting was favorable for the visitor. BACRC took advantage of Marrón’s nervousness and infractions to quickly finish 10-0 up thanks to a penalty from Agustín Pierano and a try from hooker Tomas Rosasco.

With patience and thanks to the physical power of his forwards came Belgrano’s reaction. Thanks to the tries of Augusto Vaccarino and Leandro Magneres, the local turned the scoreboard and went on to win 12 to 10.

At that time it seemed that the homeowner was taking the leading role in the match, but with a lot of self-love, and taking advantage, again, of errors in the local defense, Buenos Aires obtained two more conquests, to go 24 to 19 up to the locker room. Previously, the locals had scored a penalty try through their scrum.

Like the last encounters, in the complement the best version of Belgrano was seen. Supported by his people, and with the obligation to win, he went out to find the game. In this way, in a burst of 6 minutes he achieved two conquests to turn it around and be 33-24 up.

With this clean and jerk and added to a great lead from his opening Tomas Rosatti, the figure of the match, the local team took over the icing and began to unfold their game. In this way, he violated the visiting in-goal four times to stretch the advantage and secure the victory.

At the end of the match, the visiting starter, Francisco Lamensa, scored his third try in the afternoon to give the final score 59 to 38 in favor of Belgrano. It was a deserved and just triumph for Marrón that allows him to reach the match next Saturday against SIC with a clean and jerk.


BELGRANO (59): 1. Francisco Ferronato, 2. Ignacio Favre, 3. Facundo Ferreti, 4. Adolfo Martínez, 5. Leandro Magneres, 6. Joaquín de la Serna, 7. Augusto Vaccarino, 8. Agustín Rocca, 9. Ignacio Marino, 10. Tomás Rosati (C), 11. Felipe Adrogué, 12. Tomás Teglia, 13. Fermín Martínez, 14. Juan Landó, 15. Juan Rodríguez.

Changes: ST: 15 ‘Juan Zaballa by Leandro Magneres; 20 ‘Andrés Bianco by Facundo Ferreti; 27´ Juan Brescia by Tomas Teglia; 29 ‘Juan Pennesi for Agustin Rocca; 31 ‘Lisandro Garcia Dragui for Ignacio Favre and Theo Blaksley for Ignacio Marino; 34 ‘Joaquin Mihura for Juan Rodriguez and 35’ Matias Avila for Francisco Ferronato.

Trainers: Guillermo Tramezzani, Diego Gradín, Luis Gradín and Francisco Gradín.

BUENOS AIRES (38): 1. Tomás Ruiz, 2. Tomás Rosasco, 3. Blas Coria, 4. Pedro Del Carril, 5. Franco Baldoni, 6. Julián Pommerantz, 7. Francisco Ibarra, 8. Juan Campbell, 9. Alejo Novo, 10. Francisco Lamensa, 11. Joaquín Cantilo, 12. Agustín Lamensa, 13. Ramiro Costa, 14. Alfonso Latorre, 15. Agustín Peirano (C).

Changes: ST: 16 ‘Camilo Ihan for Franco Badaloni; 23 ‘Jordi Dieguez for Francisco Ibarra; 27 ‘Mariano Cederbaum for Blas Coria; 36 ‘Gonzalo Outerial by Alfonso Latorrre and 38’ Justo Ristorini by Tomas Rosasco.

Trainers: Nicolas De Gregori and Gonzalo Camacho.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 4 ‘Penalty of Agustín Peirano (BA); 9 ‘Try by Tomás Rosasco converted by Agustín Peirano (BA); 13; Try by Augusto Vaccarino (B); 29 ‘Try by Leandro Magneres converted by Tomas Rosati (B); 32 ‘Try by Francisco Lamensa converted by Agustin Peirano (BA); 38 ‘Penalty try (B) and 39’ Try by Alfonso Latorre converted by Agustin Pierano (BA).

Partial Result: Belgrano 19 – Buenos Aires 24.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 5 ‘Try by Fermin Martinez converted by Tomás Rosati (B); 11 ‘Try by Augusto Vaccarino converted by Tomas Rosati (B); 14 ‘Try by Francisco Lamensa converted by Agustín Peirano (BA); 18 ‘Try by Adolfo Martinez converted by Tomas Rosati (B); 23 ‘Try by Juan Rodriguez converted by Tomas Rosati (B); 28 ‘Try by Juan Brescia (B); 36 ‘Try by Juan Lando converted by Tomas Rosati (B) and 40’ Try by Francisco Lamensa converted by Agustin Pierano (BA).

Final score: Belgrano 59 – Buenos Aires 38.

INCIDENTS: PT – 6 ‘Yellow card to Adolfo Martinez (B) and 38’ Yellow card to Blas Coria (B).

BASKETBALL COURT: Belgrano Athletic.

REFEREE: Matías Rizzo.

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