URBA Top 12: CUBA managed the times and beat the SIC 26-20

URBA Top 12: CUBA managed the times and beat the SIC 26-20

They won an important victory, no less than the leader of the group and the most even team throughout the tournament. The exam was rough, but CUBA became strong in Villa De Mayo, beat SIC 26-20 for the second date of the second round of the URBA Top 12 and celebrated a victory that excites him to enter between the first two teams that will compete in the semifinals of the tournament.

It won with experience, because he knew how to manage the times, it was timely, effective and above all things patient. Because even though he woke up Zanjero early with a try by Marcos Young starting a scrum. The visitor was the one who made the most wear in the first half. Two plays by Mateo Madero and Justo Piccardo put justice on the scoreboard that Gastón Arias decorated with a conversion and a penalty.

CUBA waited for its moment because it cost it to generate danger, but it took advantage each penalty in the opposite field to add with the foot of Marcos Moroni who hit two shipments. In the complement, the fullback showed his foot again and CUBA began to exercise physical control. Of a line and Maul got rid of Estanislao Carullo to reach the try and then a ball to load stuck to the stick played him fortune in his favor and Maros Moroni got into the ingoal.

THE SIC, which did little in the complement, agreed on the end of bothering the university students and with a good combination of passes between Marcos Borghi, Lucas Sommer and Marcos Piccinini, the pillar finished the excursion to rival field in try. There was not much more left, Boulogne’s tried, but CUBA had it far from the ingoal, to unleash a celebration that Villa de Mayo invites to be excited about.


CUBA (26): 1. Nicolás Solveyra, 2. Enrique Devoto, 3. Estanislao Carullo, 4. Santiago Uriarte, 5. Lucas Piña, 6. Pedro Mastroizzi, 7. Segundo Pisani (C), 8. Lucas Maguire, 9. Facundo Fontán, 10. Rodrigo Ávalos, 11. Benjamín Ocampo, 12. Felipe de la Vega, 13. Marcos Herrero Anzorena, 14. Marcos Young, 15. Marcos Moroni.

Changes: PT: 12´ Bautista Casaurang by Herrero. ST: 1´Gerónimo Conte Grand and Benito Ortiz de Rozas for Piña and Mastroizzi, 10´ Juan Pedro Garoby for Devoto, 18´ Francisco Garoby for Carullo and 36´ Yavü Glenny for Casaurang.

Trainers: Tomás Cóppola, Agustín Benedicto and Federico Sala.

SIC (20): 1. Marcos Piccinini, 2. Andrea Panzarini, 3. Marcos Gatica, 4. Lucas Sommer, 5. Federico Haedo, 6. Marcos Borghi, 7. Alejandro Daireaux, 8. Tomás Meyrelles (C), 9. Juan Soares Gache, 10 Gastón Arias, 11. Mateo Madero, 12. Santos Rubio, 13. Justo Piccardo, 14. Jacinto Campbell, 15. Juan Pablo Zervino.

Changes: ST: 6´ Tomás Comissati for Daireaux, 11´ Mateo Albanese for Soares Gache, 24´ Facundo Giorgutti for Rubio, 32´ Ricardo Macchiavello for Panzarini.

Trainers: Santiago González Bonirino, Lucas Cilley and Federico Gallo.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 2´ Try by Marcos Young (C), 12´ Penalty by Gastón Arias (S), 16´ Try by Mateo Madero (S), 27´ Try by Justo Piccardo converted by Gastón Arias and 32 and 40´ Penalties by Marcos Moroni ( C).

Partial result: CUBA 11-15 SIC.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 3´ Penalty by Marcos Moroni (C), 12´ Try by Estanislao Carullo (C), 24´ Try by Marcos Moroni converted by himself (C) and 36´ Try by Marcos Piccinini (S).

WARNED: PT: 10´ Marcos Gatica (S) and Nicolás Solveyra (C). ST: 35´ Marcos Ortiz de Rozas (C).

REFEREE: Nehuen Jauri Rivero.


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