England shined and defeated the Black Ferns 43-12

England shined and defeated the Black Ferns 43-12

England defeated the Black Ferns 43-12 in their November international window presentation and snapped a two-game losing streak against the New Zealand team.

In the beginning the difference did not stop, slowly England was breaking lines in the defense of the oceanic and thus cornering them more and more in their 22. At 11 the clean and jerk of the races and physical power of Abbie Ward allowed the first emotion of the match to arrive This was a key moment for confidence to increase and they reflected it with a new try from Abbie Ward herself.

In addition, a New Zealand team was seen opening the field and using their entire repertoire of play. In the 22 rivals Chelsea Alley performed a raking genius and enabled Alana Bremner for the debutant to shorten the difference from 17 to 7. However, the author of the try a few minutes later saw the yellow card this allowed the locals to take advantage of that superiority numerical and support three great tries.

Already in the closing the Black Fenrs reopened the field and that allowed Stacey Fluhler to make her contribution by supporting the flag, but within minutes Zoe Harrison helped extend England’s win.


ENGLAND (43): 1- Hannah Botterman, 2-Lark Davies, 3-Sarah Bern, 4-Poppy Cleall, 5-Abbie Ward, 6-Zoe Aldcroft, 7-Marlie Packer, 8-Sarah Hunter © 9-Claudia MacDonald, 10-Zoe Harrison, 11-Abby Dow, 12-Amber Reed, 13-Holly Aitchison, 14-Lydia Thompson, 15-Ellie Kildunne

They entered: 16-Amy Cokayne 17- Vickii Cornborough 18- Maud Muir 19-Harriet Millar-Mills 20-Alex Matthews 21-Leanne Infante 22-Helena Rowland 23-Lagi Tuima.

Coach: Simon Middleton.

NEW ZEALAND (12): 1-Pip Love, 2-Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate, 3-Aleisha Pearl Nelson, 4-Eloise Blackwell, 5-Kelsie Wills, 6-Alana Bremner, 7-Les Elder (captain), 8-Dhys Faleafaga, 9- Kendra Cocksedge, 10-Ruahei Demant, 11-Ayesha Leti-I’iga, 12-Chelsea Alley, 13-Stacey Fluhler, 14-Renee Wickliffe, 15-Renee Holmes

Entered : 16- Grace Houpapa-Barrett, 17- Krystal Murray, 18- Aldora Itunu, 19- Liana Mikaele-Tu’u, 20- Kennedy Simon, 21- Ariana Bayler, 22- Patricia Maliepo, 23- Grace Brooker

Coach: Glenn Moore

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 11´Try by Abbie Ward (ENG), 18´Try by Abbie Ward converted by Zoe Harrison (ENG), 39´ Try by Ellie Kildunne (ENG).

Partial result: England 17 – 0 New Zealand

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 44 ́ Try by Alana Bremner, converts Kendra Cocksedge (NZL). 55 ́Try by Lark Davies, converted by Zoe Harrison (ENG), 60 ́try by Holly Aitchison (ENG), 70 ́Abby Dow, converted by Zoe Harrison (ENG) 73 ́try by Stacey Fluhler (NLZ), 81 ́Try by r Zoe Harrison, convert also (ENG)

Final score: England 43 – 12 New Zealand

WARNED: ST 10´Alana Bremner (NZL)

BASKETBALL COURT: Sandy Park Stadium

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