Has Dusty Baker used pitcher Cristian Javier correctly?

Has Dusty Baker used pitcher Cristian Javier correctly?

The World Series goes exclusively to all of Central America through ESPN signals

Bottom of the sixth episode and the southpaw Brooks raley enters to pitch for the Astros and when he reaches a pair of opponents, he gives his place to Phil Maton that although it allows a race, it gets the visiting team out of trouble.

All this happened while the Dominican Cristian Javier he was warming up in the bullpen. Many hoped that Javier could be the reliever to replace Zack greinke at the end of his performance. But this obviously did not happen.

Manager Dusty Baker said he used Ryne Stanek in the fifth because Javier needs at least one full inning to warm up. But Javier entered the seventh episode.

The Dominican pitcher has been used in a myriad of roles throughout the season, including some games as a starter in which he has been able to surpass the 4-inning average that starting pitchers have had this postseason.

But Dusty Baker saved Cristian Javier for the seventh episode. That changed everything for Atlanta (and consequently for the Astros) with back-to-back home runs by Dansby Swanson and Jorge Soler that put the Braves within a single victory of getting the World Series.

According to Baseball Reference, Javier’s 2021 ERA when he pitches in the fifth episode is 2.77, in the sixth it is 2.20 and in the seventh it rises alarmingly to 5.68, and precisely in the seventh, without any kind of pressing situation, Cristian Javier comes out to pitch.

The Dominican, who has perhaps been Baker’s best reliever, had not allowed earned runs throughout the postseason until Game 4 and had only been used in Game 2 of the World Series thus far, where he threw one inning and one. one-third of a walk, one hit, and two strikeouts.

“Even though they hit two home runs, he threw good shots. I don’t think it was a bad shot. He is very good. He has a bright future ahead”, Expressed about Javier his teammate José Altuve who had his moment of history in the game.

Baker stated that Javier is just learning to warm up as a reliever and downplayed the episode saying “those things happen.”

And it is true, these things happen, but the feeling remains that Cristian Javier despite his great postseason has been underutilized and what happened in the fourth game of the World Series could have been avoided if the Dominican were used in other circumstances.

Remember that you will be able to see all the games of the World Series in Central America, exclusively on ESPN.

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