Houston Texans won’t trade Deshaun Watson until offseason

Houston Texans won't trade Deshaun Watson until offseason

Nick Caserio wants a good package for Watson and feels that at the moment there is no such offer

The Houston Texans will keep Deshaun Watson past the LA trade deadline. NFL Tuesday, league sources leaked to ESPN.

Although many in the organization of Texans want to turn the page and leave Watson as soon as possible, Houston will reopen quarterback-centric negotiations in the offseason, sources say.

The general manager of the Texans, Nick Caserio, has been unwavering in his stance and determination to get the full value of Watson And, to date, he has been unwilling to trade it for anything less than he thinks Watson is worth.

The owner of the Texans, Cal McNair, has said privately that he would like the organization to switch to Watson by 4 pm ET on Tuesday, the deadline, but leaves the decision up to Caserio.

The Texans and the Miami Dolphins have talked and Miami is Watson’s wish, especially around the city, according to sources.

But the Dolphins also prefer that Watson’s legal issues be resolved before making a deal. Watson faces 22 sexual harassment and misconduct lawsuits and 10 criminal complaints, though no charges have been filed and the quarterback has denied the allegations.

The commissioner of the NFL, Roger goodellHe noted Tuesday that the league does not yet have enough information about the lawsuits to make a decision on a possible penalty and that the information they do have is not enough to place Watson on the commissioner’s exempt list.

Watson’s uncertain future has impacted the Texans’ negotiations with other teams, most notably the Dolphins.

The Dolphins are the only team for which Watson is known to have waived his no-trade clause., according to informants. Watson hasn’t done the same for the Carolina Panthers or any other franchise, sources told ESPN.

But the Panthers have been linked to Watson, 26, since last offseason, and some have even speculated what a proposed package would look like for the three-time Pro Bowl quarterback.

The fountains slipped to ESPN Than the head coach of the Panthers, Matt rhule, and general manager Scott Fitterer called Christian McCaffrey Friday night to tell him that regardless of rumors involving the star running back, they never discussed or even considered trading him to Houston for Watson.

The conversations between Texans and Panthers they were never escalated because Watson did not agree to waive his no-trade clause for Carolina, who was therefore never in a position to evaluate potential trade-in scenarios in the way the organization wanted. The Panthers, with former owner Jerry Richardson’s history of harassment, weren’t willing to make a trade until they could get completely comfortable with him.

The Dolphins They appear to be the only team that could try to put something together before Tuesday’s deadline, but there’s not much hope that a deal will be completed. There are compensation issues, legal issues and too much uncertainty for those at the table to feel confident that a deal will materialize within the next three days, according to sources.

The head coach of the Dolphins, Brian Flores has openly stated that Tua Tagovailoa is Miami’s starting quarterback. and, barring injury, is expected to be for the rest of the season. The Dolphins will play the Texans next Sunday, November 7 in Miami.

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