“I am the princess of all Mexico”: Jackie Nava acknowledges that it was her most important fight

Soy la princesa de todo México: Jackie Nava reconoce que fue su pelea más importante

Jackie Nava described as the most important fight of his life the victory he achieved over Mariana “Barby” Juárez by way of a unanimous decision on Saturday night in Tijuana and declared herself “the princess of all Mexico.”

“Very happy, I am the princess of all Mexico”, said Jackie Nava still in the ring after the fight. “We knew that Mariana he was a difficult opponent. He started to complicate his jab, because he throws his jab very hard. He did catch me with several jabs, but we started to combine. We saw that it was slower and on that we went. Speed ​​was key ”.

Nava reveals he was expecting a Barby juarez with physical resistance, as he demonstrated, after having been training at the altitude of the Otomí Ceremonial Center.

“We thought about speed, but we also thought that since she was training at altitude, she was going to bring a lot of condition,” he says. Jackie Nava. “We knew that it could bring condition to be counterattacking. We wanted to work hard, and get involved ”.

The Aztec Princess he recognized his rival.

“She is a fighter of great quality, of a level,” he said. Jackie on Barby. “We battled with her at the beginning because we knew she knew how to work the jab, but we started to work the speed well and that was key.”

Photo: Zanfer

Jackie Nava He accepts that it was the most important fight of his career, but he does not know if it will be the last.

“Always the fight that is in front is the most important fight,” he acknowledges. Jackie. “For me, this was the most important. Perhaps it is the last, the penultimate, we do not know yet, but we are already closing the cycle. We still feel like 30 ”.

Nava She accepts that she is closing a cycle as a fighter, but does not rule out continuing in boxing.

“From the heart there is Jackie Nava for a while, “said the world champion in two divisions. “We are closing cycles, we don’t know when, but we are going to close it.”

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