Peñarol vs. National – Party Report – October 31, 2021

Peñarol vs.  National - Party Report - October 31, 2021

( – On date 9 of the Clausura Tournament, Peñarol and Nacional tied 0-0 at the Campeón del Siglo Stadium.

The game began with Peñarol trying to take the reins of the game dominating possession, terrain and looking to hurt her with the game by the bands of Canobbio and Facundo Torres, while Nacional took refuge in his field and appealed to rapid transitions led by the speed of Leandro Fernández and Trezza.

The first approach was for the tricolor at 14 ‘when Armando Méndez put a cross into the area, Bergessio headed it halfway and Dawson cut with just enough when Trezza arrived to define. The response of the aurinegros came at 29 ‘with an individual action by Álvarez Martínez, who controlled his chest, turned and finished off from outside the area causing a very good save by Martín Rodríguez.

At 36 ‘, Trezza’s speed again caused problems behind Peñarol. The Nacional sprinter won the position and finished demanded before the mark of Carlos Rodríguez, and the ball ended up in Dawson’s hands.

The clearest of the initial stage came at 38 ‘with a feint and a shot from outside the area by Facundo Torres that crashed into the post. But before the break, those led by Mauricio Larriera had another clear shot with a close free kick by Ceppelini that sought to surprise and found the tricolor goalkeeper well stopped and attentive.

At the start of the second half, the aurinegros took control of the game again and at 49 ‘they almost reached the goal with a very good action from the left of Juan Manuel Ramos. The side got into the area with a pipe on Méndez and after hooking he defined weakly, and his attempt ended up bouncing off a defender from Nacional.

The spirits of the game heated up over 60 minutes in a cross between Ceppelini and Zunino that ended with both being booked, and with several Peñarol players claiming a blow from Nacional 8 on Agustín Álvarez Martínez in the face.

At 67 ‘, the locals approached again with a crossed free kick that found Juan Ramos at the far post, but the definition required from the left-hander hit the outside of the net.

We had to wait until 83 ‘for the game to have emotions again. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts by Álvarez Martínez, Nicolás Gaitán finished inside the tricolor area but his shot was deflected on the way and he was lost outside.

On the closing, Nacional had a last approach with a pass to the void that Dawson managed to deactivate when Bergessio arrived to define at 89 ‘.

In a classic with few clear actions of danger, the match went with a goalless draw in the Champion of the Century.

Champion of the Century Stadium

PEÑAROL– Kevin Dawson, Giovanni González, Carlos Rodríguez, Juan Manuel Ramos (80 ‘Valentín Rodríguez), Gary Kagelmacher, Walter Gargano, Jesús Trindade, Facundo Torres (72’ Ignacio Laquintana), Agustín Canobbio, Pablo Ceppelini (80 ‘Nicolás Gaitán), Agustín Alvarez Martínez.
DT: Mauricio Larriera

NATIONAL– Martín Rodríguez, Christian Almeida, Diego Polenta, Armando Méndez, Mathías Laborda, Felipe Carballo (75 ‘Joaquín Trasante), Diego Rodríguez, Matías Zunino (60’ Brian Ocampo), Alfonso Trezza (85 ‘Camilo Cándido), Leandro Fernández (60 ‘Maximiliano Cantera).
DT: Martín Liguera

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