TJ Perenara and the ‘intruder’ in the New Zealand anthem: “I had my eyes closed”

TJ Perenara and the 'intruder' in the New Zealand anthem: "I had my eyes closed"

An extremely cheerful situation was experienced on Saturday at the Principality Stadium from Cardiff where they were measured Wales and All Blacks. As they prepared to sing the New Zealand anthem, a fan entered the playing field dressed as a player and got next to Tyrel Lomaz, which was last in the row of kiwis.

Everything happened before the gaze of 75 thousand people who sold out the tickets for the game and millions of spectators in the world. While The television camera was turning to the All Blacks during the first stanzas of the God Defend New Zealand, a tall man dressed in an All Blacks t-shirt printed with 69 on the back, appeared with a hand on the heart.

The surprise was total and TJ Perenara said after the game that “no, I hadn’t seen it. They told me when I came out and was sitting on the bench. One of my classmates told me that there was someone else at the end of the line in the hymn. In fact, her eyes were closed. In the middle of the hymn I heard the crowd and couldn’t think what was going on. Now in hindsight it’s because they saw that guy or something “.

The intruder is believed to be Daniel ‘Jarvo’. Jarvis, who later uploaded a video with everything that happened in Cardiff. This same character had gotten into a cricket game earlier this year at London’s Lords. The first to notice the “guest” were the New Zealand collaborators. The first was an assistant who was nearby who took him by the hand to leave and then another was added to exhort the intruder to get out of there.

According to the images that the “invader” uploaded in his account, it is seen that after a few seconds the security personnel approach and without opposing any type of resistance they leave the place. The All Blacks continued singing the anthem as if nothing had happened.

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