Horror Stories for Local NFL Teams in Week 8

Horror Stories for Local NFL Teams in Week 8

Week 8 was a collection of scares and nightmares for the local teams, who lost in nine of the 14 games played on the day.

Last season in the NFL, during the pandemic of COVID-19 -which has not finished-, the games were played without an audience in the stands. This de facto eliminated the advantage of the home team, which could not count on the support of “Player No. 12”.

This season, things have changed and the 32 teams have the ease of having their fans in the stands.

So the locals now have the upper hand, right?

The Week 8 has delivered, subject to the set of “Monday Night Football” by ESPN between the Kansas city chiefs and New York Giants (which you can enjoy on the Star + platform), a horror day for home teams.

Out of a total of 14 games, without counting the game of MNF, a total of nine visiting teams were victorious.

Since Thursday night, at the last breath, the Green bay packers they defeated the Arizona cardinals, incidentally ending the last undefeated record of the campaign.

For this Sunday, the house of Los Angeles Chargers it became the house of horror, but for those at home. The New England Patriots They snatched the victory from the Angelenos and Justin herbert, quarterback of the Chargers, ended up frustrated with two intercepted passes.

In the South Division of the American, the Indianapolis Colts received the leader of their sector, Tennessee Titans. The game itself had postseason overtones. A couple of mistakes from Carson wentz they thwarted Indianapolis’s plan to win.

Wentz He was the villain in this horror story.

The Titans they exorcised the house of the Colts and they ended up beating them with a field goal in overtime.

The one that ended in a massacre was the visit of the Philadelphia Eagles to the Detroit Lions. We very much believed that Detroit, who had had very close matches in the season, could now take their first victory of the year against the irregular Eagles.

Nothing to see; the potion used by Philadelphia petrified the home team. The score of 44-6 is the highest margin of victory for Philadelphia as a visitor since 1981.

San Francisco appeared to the Chicago Bears in Soldier Field himself with everything and Justin fields, and his 30-yard touchdown run on fourth down.

Jimmy Garoppolo he threw for more than 300 yards and ran for two touchdowns of his own.

Shouting “sweet or trick”, the Pittsburgh steelers they came to stand up to the Cleveland browns. It was not the best match for the SteelersBut it wasn’t for the Browns, either.

The return of Baker Mayfield as quarterback for Cleveland it had no positive impact. Mayfield he’s just a functional quarterback, but he’s not an elite player, save for his best opinion. For his part, Big Ben, dragging his chains and legs, managed to lead the offense to score 15 points. The steel defense did the rest.

The Carolina panthers They had a champion start, and a mediocre streak in the last games. What seemed like just a scare to the Atlanta Falcons, turned into defeat.

The Falcons they saw the same ghosts of previous years appear once more. The Panthers, without Christian mccaffrey, they managed to get the result in someone else’s yard.

Turned into ghostbusters, Los Angeles Rams they were planted in the house of the Houston Texans to make them claws. Matthew stafford he made three touchdown passes. The wide receiver Cooper kupp he only caught one, but he’s already reached 10 on the season, approaching 1,000 receiving yards.

The Texans they thought they might scare the Rams, but it was an unequal fight.

To close on Sunday, Dallas cowboys they achieved an unexpected victory away. ‘No Dak prescott, No problem’.

Cooper rush It was an unexpected quarterback appearance for the Los Angeles defense. Minnesota Vikings. Rush replaced Prescott due to injury.

More than 300 yards and two touchdown passes for the substitute well from Dak. The Cowboys came to Minneapolis to snatch victory from some inoperative Vikings.

Road wins reflect the competitiveness of this league. A sample button is that there are 14 teams that have better record as visitors than at home. With the best home record, there are 13 teams and the other five have identical home and away records.

From the first category Arizona, with seven victories, four have been achieved as a visitor.

Another example are Seattle Seahawks, who out of four games at home have lost three. Very bad mark for the once impregnable fortress that is (or was) their stadium.

For reasons how it is, the NFL It is the best and essential league in the world.

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