“I would be happy to experience Joshua’s violent side,” Usyk says.

Me alegraría experimentar el lado violento de Joshua, señala Usyk

Oleksandr Usyk, heavyweight champion of the FIB, AMB, OMB, defended Anthony Joshua from all the negative reviews and made it clear that he is a very good fighter.

“It is unfortunate to hear that they are being harsh with the performance of Joshua, because I was in the ring with him and he is very good, “he explained. Usyk to DAZN News. “I really don’t know where they find grounds for criticism. It really was a brilliant fight. Now I am preparing for another challenging fight with him next year and I will have to be in my prime to retain my championships. “

Usyk downplayed that Joshua want to change coaches for the rematch, as he is focused on his job.

“I’m not sure who will train Joshua for revenge, “he explained Usyk. “I’ve seen the speculation about who he can hire next year, but we don’t care who trains him.”

Usyk expects another Anthony Joshua in the rematch

Oleksandr, he assured that he will wait for a Joshua much more aggressive in the rematch fight, according to the statements made by the English boxer lately.

“Our goal is to be prepared for everything and I train to improve my own chances, not based on my opponent,” said the Ukrainian champion. “(Joshua) promised to be more aggressive and dangerous in the rematch. If that’s the case, great. I’d be happy to experience that side of Joshua. I’m sure it will be another brilliant fight. “

Usyk reacted with complete serenity to the warnings of Anthony Joshua, who assures that he will be much more violent in the rematch with the Ukrainian.

“I have one thing in mind, and that is war, murder,” he said. Joshua a few days ago in an interview with IFL TV. “It’s a war, I want to go out and hurt the guy. Take away his soul, to the point where he prefers to give up. That’s what boxing is all about, I’ve learned it. Hitting constantly, applying pressure, until they realize you’re not going anywhere, you’re there to stay. As for my fight plan, it’s all I have in mind, at least for the moment. I’ll stay the course, and lead Usyk to places he does not want to go ”.

When is the rematch between Usyk and AJ?

It should be remembered that the promoter Eddie hearn He expects the rematch to take place in the spring of 2022.

“I have a meeting scheduled with Alex Krassyuk at the end of October, once everything has calmed down ”; commented for DAZN boxing. “I think March or April is likely. Usyk he had a terrible cut, so they probably won’t do much until December and then we’ll finish planning, “he said.

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