Messi, annoyed by Laporta’s statements and sends a message: “I came to PSG to win the Champions League”

Messi, annoyed by Laporta's statements and sends a message: "I came to PSG to win the Champions League"

Leo Messi does not forget, two months after his untimely departure from Barcelona, ​​the circumstances that led to his divorce with the Barça club and during an interview with the newspaper Sport, the first he has granted to a Spanish media since his arrival in Paris, he made it clear his displeasure with the president of the club, Joan Laporta, with whom he hastened to clarify that he has not spoken since August, and whom he ugly when he said that he expected him to play for free. “Those words were out of place,” proclaimed the Argentine star, absolutely focused on a PSG with which, he warned, he aspires “to win the Champions League.”

“I did everything possible to stay and I was never asked to play for free,” Messi clarified, recalling that “I was asked to lower my salary by fifty percent, I did it without problems … And we were in a position to help more to the club because our desire was to stay “.

“Laporta’s words are out of place and they hurt me because I had no need to say that … It’s like getting the ball off of you and not taking the consequences or taking charge of things. This makes people think or generates a kind of doubts that I think I do not deserve, “said the Argentine, who two months later is fully adapted, and focused, to his new team.

“You find a lot of things missing from Barcelona, ​​actually everything,” acknowledged the star, recalling that he had already been “in the same place for a long time, with the same day-to-day routine, to arrive at a changing room that you know by heart, the training center, the city, the way of living … And arriving in Paris changed everything, absolutely. I loved the life I led in Barcelona, ​​the club and everything. It doesn’t mean that I am not well in Paris because I do we are the whole family, but obviously you miss the past, “admitted Messi, evidently solving the pain that he maintains for his departure and even more remembering what happened a year before.

In August 2020 it was he who wanted to leave Barcelona and ended up staying in a painful first chapter at all levels. “It was when we had already said that I was going with the burofax issue. The children, the family, had come to understand it after we had had a talk … But this year it was all suddenly, unexpected,” he revealed.

“I had already told them that we were staying in Barcelona, ​​that we would stay at home and they had told their friends. And then, suddenly, you have to go and in a week you are in another city. It was difficult for everyone” .

“When I decided to come to PSG it was because they have a great squad and the desire to continue growing as a club, to win the Champions League,” he revealed, stressing that it is his greatest desire: “It is my great goal. I came to PSG to win the Champions League. and we are one of the candidates, although not the only one. Everyone talks about PSG but there are a lot of teams with the power to do it … And the best doesn’t always win. “

“I said in my farewell to Barcelona that until the last moment I’m playing I’ll try to keep winning things and that’s why I came to PSG,” he repeated, revealing that the atmosphere in his new team’s dressing room “is spectacular and made things easier for me” , discovering that although with Neymar he already knew each other well and maintained a relationship, with Mbappé “at the beginning it was strange, because we did not know if he would stay or leave the club … Now, luckily, we are getting to know each other and we get along spectacularly” .

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