The cry of Vargas’s brother after his defeat with Chon

Reacción del hermano de Josué Vargas

The brother of Josué Vargas burst into tears after he was knocked out in the first round by the Mexican José “Chon” Zepeda.

In a video that circulates on social networks, it is seen how a person comforts the brother of the Puerto Rican, who could not hide his feelings for the fall of Josue.

During the preliminary days, Josue He tried to heat up the contest provoked by the Mexican during press conferences and at the weigh-in.

In one of the confrontations, Vargas tried to take the championships away from Chon. Later, at the weigh-in, the Puerto Rican did the same action and caused the annoyance of Joseph.

Because the Mexican team considered that it was a lack of respect, a member of Zepeda pushed Vargas and there were several blows that flew during that time.

In the end, the security people managed to separate all the members, not without some shoves and some fists that were thrown.

Altercado in the hotel between Vargas and Zepeda

Jose Zepeda had no problem defeating Josué Vargas in the first round, after a left cross that connected the Mexican in the jaw of the Caribbean.

Although he went straight to the canvas and stopped with some difficulties, the Mexican continued to punish him and the referee chose to stop the confrontation.

However, the spirits remained very hot between the members of both teams and the people of Josué Vargas went to look for the brother of Chon, as reported Salvador Rodriguez from ESPN.

Yes OK Chon Zepeda He tried to calm them down, there were several knocks in the hotel lobby. Moments later they were evicted.

This was the fifth consecutive victory for Joseph, who asked for the shot at a world title.

During this 2021 he has faced Henry Lundy, whom he beat by a wide unanimous decision by triple card of 98-92.

On your side, Josué Vargas suffered his second loss as a professional. The first was in October 2016 before Samuel Santana for giving a blow from the back.

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