The quarterfinal crosses of the Women’s Championship were defined

The quarterfinal crosses of the Women's Championship were defined

The ninth date of the women’s tournament of the highest category of AFA was completed, with which the group stage was closed and the eight teams that will meet in the quarterfinals were defined, although to continue with the tournament it is necessary to wait for San Lorenzo to return from the Libertadores.

Zone A was taken by the girls from San Lorenzo who arrived undefeated with 24 points, followed by Boca with 21. Racing got their place with 18 points after falling on the last date against Las Santitas and finally Gimnasia with 12 points.

River leads Zone B with 25 points after beating Comunicaciones 5-0, followed by Urquiza with 21 and Independiente with 20, joined by Platense with 14, who achieved his place in the quarters after turning the game around with Hurricane, with which they have the same points but took an advantage on goal difference.

With no confirmed date, the quarter-final crosses are made up of the following: San Lorenzo – Platense, River- Gimnasia, Boca- Independiente, Urquiza- Racing Club.

One of the highlights of this last day came with the claim made by the Deportivo Español players, after the match in which they fell against Boca, in which they demanded dignified treatment.

“This protest alludes to the various vicissitudes that women’s football has been going through years ago, so we need to be heard to reduce the emotional fatigue and mental stress that these situations generate on a daily basis, begins the statement of the players, in which it is refers to breaches of contract and late payments. They also denounce the lack of control of the entities superior to the clubs over the performance and treatment of the players and their “honorable stay in the respective pensions.”

“The scarcity of tools and the lack of resources for a correct and optimal development of the activity. Trained personnel, this is the technical body and health personnel. Optimal work material and appropriate training space ”, claimed the members of the campus.

This team was left without a coach after Carlos Torres was arrested for the alleged abuse of a player from the club’s inferiors.

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