Tyson Fury will train his brother Tommy to fight with Jake Paul

Tyson Fury entrenará a su hermano Tommy para pelear con Jake Paul

John fury, I point out that your son Tyson fury, heavyweight champion, will help his brother in training Tommy, who will face the youtuber on December 18 Jake Paul.

Tyson will be in your corner that night. I think Tyson will fly with him a few weeks before to help him, “he said. John fury to BT Sport Boxing. “Whatever it is that is lacking (a Tommy), Tyson he will put it there, of that I am sure ”.

The father of Fury, he assured that he has high hopes that Gypsy king put your brother in his place to achieve a resounding victory against Paul.

Tyson will order your head so I’m looking for a win from Tommy explosively, let it be the end of Jake paul“, He indicated.

If Tommy Fury doesn’t beat Jake Paul, let him retire

John assured that if his son Tommy can’t beat Jake paulThen you will have to think very seriously about your retirement from boxing.

Tommy He knows he’s up against an impromptu, but he should still beat Jake paul at a canter ”, he added John. And if he can’t, there is no path in the boxing world for him. It is a success or a failure for both, but it will affect more Tommy because it’s supposed to Tommy he is a professional boxer ”.

The father of Fury, noted that with the help of Tyson see difficult that Jake paul can beat Tommy.

Tommy he will work hard, he will do what he has to do. Have Tommand the ability to beat it? Yes. Do you have the power to knock him out? Yes “, he asserted John fury about her son Tommy. “Am I sure you can beat Jake paul? Of course I am. The only thing that can beat Tommy that night is Tommy: your way of thinking. I know that Jake paul can’t beat Tommy, It does not matter what i do”.

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