El Finito López explains what prevents Canelo from being an idol in Mexico

El Finito López explica qué es lo que evita que Canelo sea un ídolo en México

Ricardo “Finito” López don’t know if Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez will one day reach the idol tag for all the Mexican boxing fans, but he made it clear that Saul it has what it deserves.

Despite the success achieved in his career there are still fans who question the idol label for him Canelo. For him Finite, this is perhaps due to the very character of Saul, or by the level of some rivals he has faced.

“There are people who are idols because they have charisma,” explained the Finite in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “For me the Canelo He is a boxer who, in his 15 years as a professional, has shown great discipline, dedication, perseverance and that responsibility that boxing requires. I think he has what he deserves ”.

The level of opposition that Canelo has had

Many complaints from some fans to haggle merits are by some rivals to whom the Canelo has chosen to fight. That is something he agrees on. Finito Lopez, former straw and mini flyweight world champion and one of the best Mexican fighters in history.

“He is a fighter who has matured little by little,” he acknowledged. Ricardo Lopez. “But on occasions they have put him rivals who are not of his age or technique at the level that he has. And what happens? Well, people get upset. But it is what there is right now in terms of the level of boxers (rivals). I do not defend Canelo, nor to any fighter, I just give my point of view of how I see the current situation in boxing.

Photo: Canelo (Instagram)

Canelo’s personality stops him from being an idol, according to Finito López

The Finite recognizes that there is something that Canelo it does not allow him to connect 100 percent with the Mexican fan. And he quotes fighters from the past who were Mexican boxing idols in how Ruben Olivares, the Macías mouse or the same Julio Cesar Chavez.

“Before there were other types of boxers and other empathy; they had the charisma that I had Ruben, the Macías mouse or Chavez”, Explained the Finite. “But Canelo He is a serious fighter, calm, sometimes sparing. So how do you want to change people? Each one brings what they have to prove they are. Little by little the idol that once existed and that there were many in Mexico will continue to emerge. It will be little by little because Mexico is a hotbed of champions ”.

The Finito Lopez trusts that at some point that idol will emerge in Mexico that connects with the vast majority of fans And does not rule out that Canelo reach that level.

“I think that the Mexican box has always been a world power,” added the Finito Lopez. “We are the second country with the most champions after the United States. Mexico has always been a hotbed of great warriors. Today there are good fighters, there is the Gallito Estrada, the same Canelo Alvarez, all those who are always put Mexico with their heads held high ”.

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