Freddie Roach still wants a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Errol Spence

Freddie Roach aún quiere pelea entre Manny Pacquiao y Errol Spence

Freddie roach, coach of Manny pacquiao noted that if the Filipino fights again, he would like to see him face Errol spence, for all the time they spent preparing.

“I would like to see him fight again against the boxer who couldn’t fight (Spence)”, said Roach in an interview with Fight Hub. “We spent six weeks preparing for Spence and I’m very disappointed that that fight never happened. “

Roach did not rule out the possibility that Manny pacquiao he can fight again if he does not win the presidency of the Philippines.

“Yes, although it would have to be a fight in which they give us more than two days to prepare,” he said. Roach. “There is always a chance (of him coming back), yeah, but the thing is, we would definitely have to sit down and talk about it. Talk about what we have to do, how we are going to win that fight, so it could happen, but who knows. “

It should be remembered that 11 days after the duel, a routine medical check-up to Errol spence he detected an injury to his eye that required immediate surgery. For that reason, Spence he got off the August 21 show, and the Cuban Yordenis Ugás He had to get into that fight, which in the end defeated Pacquiao.

Freddie roach points out that in the defeat of Manny a key factor was the little adjustment time that the Filipino had to prepare for Ugas when the rival change occurred.

Freddie Roach spoke about the future of Pacquiao

The iconic coach also commented on whether in a hypothetical future Pacquiao lost his country’s elections and decided to return to boxing.

“His family wanted him to retire, they no longer wanted to see his father get hurt over and over again. I think it was time (to retire), ”he said.

In the same way, he talked about how complicated and painful it was for Manny quit boxing, the sport of his life.

“I’m sure it’s very difficult to give up your favorite sport and I think boxing is and you know, but it’s time to do something else,” he explained. “I am happy for him, you know he was very successful. I feel like no one will come close to that (his achievements), we have a lot of history together and I love that story, ”he argued.

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