Golf: countdown to the premiere of Women’s Amateur Latin America in Pilar, Argentina

Golf: countdown to the premiere of Women's Amateur Latin America in Pilar, Argentina

The Women’s Amateur Latin America (WALA), a new top-tier tournament for amateur golfers that is presented by The R&A and the Annika Foundation, will have its premiere from November 18 to 21, 2021 in Pilar Golf, Buenos Aires, Argentina .

After the cancellation of 2020 due to the pandemic, the Women’s Amateur Latin America appears on the horizon of the best 60 Latin American players of the WAGR (the ranking of fans that both The R&A and the USGA have together) from the strong relationship between The R&A and the Annika Foundation, who for four years organized the Annika Invitational Latin America.

“The relationship with the Annika Foundation and with Annika Sörenstam was very positive from the beginning. We saw that this partnership worked and complemented itself very well. When we had the chance to talk and think about going a step further and going for a tournament for the best players without age limits, they immediately loved the idea and obviously things were chained together to create this great event that will be the Women’s Amateur Latin America ”, commented Mark Lawrie, Director The R&A for Latin America and the Caribbean.

With a field of top-level players (45 of the 60 come from different universities in the United States), WALA will put unprecedented benefits at stake for an amateur women’s golf championship.

The winner will receive an invitation to participate in the AIG Women’s Open 2022, one of the five Majors of the LPGA Tour. In addition, you will get an exemption for The Women’s Amateur Championship and for the Annika Invitational USA.

In addition, those who finish in second place will be invited to the South American Amateur Championship and the top three of the tournament will be automatically classified for the next edition of WALA. These exemptions, it is worth clarifying, will apply as long as the players maintain their amateur status.

With the pandemic still present in all countries, the sanitary protocol during the championship week is a key issue for the organization. In this regard, Lawrie explained: “we are focusing on care, the pandemic did not happen and we must be cautious. The reality is that in Argentina we are attentive to the possibility of any regrowth and that is why we have protocols prepared for any type of situation if it happens at the time the tournament is played in order to apply appropriate sanitary measures “.

The organization will have a medical service within Pilar Golf throughout the week and the players will not be able to leave the club during the championship week. “A kind of semi-bubble is going to be created with PCR controls. Not with a total isolation of the players, the idea is that they are handled mostly in groups and with the least possible contact with hotel passengers, people who come to play at the club or at the convention center, in a place like Pilar Golf that has a lot of activity. What we are going to do is implement a restriction on leaving the club, the idea is for the players to stay on the premises, this raises a concern for us, “added Lawrie.

The Women’s Amateur Latin America will be a milestone for women’s golf in the region to continue with its sustained growth led by The R&A and the best player of all time, Annika Sörenstam.

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