Mike White’s performance with the Jets won $ 125,000 on a 1,000 bet

Mike White's performance with the Jets won $ 125,000 on a 1,000 bet

At 125-1 odds, a New Jersey bettor was confident the Jets’ backup would finish the day with the most passing yards in Week 8, and cashed.

A bettor in New Jersey scored the biggest victory of his career, thanks to the substitute quarterback of the New York Jets, Mike White.

On Friday, the 35-year-old punter – and small business owner in northern New Jersey – placed a $ 1,000 bet that White would have the most passing yards of any quarterback in the league. Week 8, with odds of 125-1. White you had the fourth best odds against, behind Justin fields of the Chicago Bears, Davis Mills of the Houston Texans, and Case keenum of the Cleveland browns.

With the punter watching from the fourth row in the Meadowlands, White overcame those odds, throwing for 405 yards and leading the underprivileged Jets to the biggest bell of the season thus far, a 34-31 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

The bet was placed at the Tropicana casino in Atlantic City and paid a net of $ 125,000 after Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas city chiefs, neither Daniel jones of the New York Giants, will eclipse the 405-yard mark White on “Monday Night Football“.

“This would be my biggest [victoria], No. 1, “revealed the bettor prior to the Monday night match.

The gambler, who spoke with ESPN On condition of anonymity, he was visiting his mother near Atlantic City last week, and decided to find an unlikely bet to bet, given that he would be attending the game with friends on Sunday at the Meadowlands.

“I thought it would be fun to clap for something while it was there,” the punter said Monday. “The Jets they are so terrible that I thought they would be down the whole game and they would have to throw the ball a lot, so it seemed like a good bet. “

The bettor sat in the fourth row, around the 20-yard line, behind the team’s bench. Bengals, and observed how White he began to rack up passing yards. Got nervous when White he left the game in the third period when his head was hit after a collision with an offensive lineman. White he was only left out for a series.

“I had my eye on Mike white on the opposite side bench all the time, and as soon as he came back, I was quite excited, “said the bettor.” My bet had come back to life. “

The gamble slip, potentially valid for up to $ 125,000, was on the bettor’s coffee table Monday afternoon, a few hours before the Monday night game, as he weighed his options. He put the ticket up for sale on PropSwap, a secondary market where pending bets are bought and sold. Its starting price was 120,000, but it did not sell.

Luke pergande, founder of PropSwap, told ESPN that the ticket attracted some “bites, but nothing firm.” The highest bid was $ 70,000.

The bettor also considered betting on Mahomes as a way to ensure a profit, but he didn’t like his options. The over / under for passing yards from Mahomes it was 302.5 on Caesars Sportsbook. The over / under for passing yards from Jones was 256.5. Mahomes finished with 275 yards and Jones with 222, neither of them threatening the number of White.

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