Seahawks’ Russell Wilson surgical pin removed

Seahawks' Russell Wilson surgical pin removed

The Seattle quarterback is eligible to come off the disabled list now that he has missed three regular-season games.

RENTON – The surgical pin was removed from the middle finger on the right hand of the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson, a key step in his return from the most significant injury of his career.

But, the question remains as to whether Wilson I’d be ready to play against the Green bay packers on Lambeau Field next November 14, after the Seahawks (3-5) will return from their day off.

Wilson posted a photo Monday afternoon of the pin that was removed with the message, “No more pin. Time to win.” That was about an hour after the head coach Pete Carroll told reporters that he still did not know when he could be removed.

“I do not know when it will come out and I have no news for you,” he declared. Carroll. “Really, we’re just hoping for the best in terms of his return and that everything is treated really well, and that we have him in a way that he starts to use his hand and finger with the ball and all that. So we just have to do a good job and see what happens. No news so far. “

The removal of the pin is far from the final step in the return of Wilson, according to Carroll. He said the team has been informed that the finger of Wilson It must heal for “a couple of days” before I can re-cast.

“It’s the way you work after you’re retired and you’re ready to start developing,” he said. Carroll. “It’s more than that. There’s a pretty fixed deadline they think of, a couple of days after it’s removed, and then it’s just seeing how it progresses. Of course, the doctors are going to take a look and see what it looks like once it’s done. be removed. It will be the first time he can bend his finger, so we’ll see how that works. “

Wilson underwent surgery on October 8, a day after slapping his hand against Aaron Donald when releasing a pass in the third period of the defeat of the Seahawks in view of Los Angeles Rams. According to Dr. Steven Shin, who operated on Wilson, the surgery was to repair a tendon rupture and a dislocated fracture.

That left Wilson on injured reserve, snapping his streak of 149 consecutive starts to begin his career. He is eligible to come off the disabled list now that he has missed three regular-season games. On Monday, when Seahawks They return from their week off, it will be four weeks and three days from the surgery. Jeremy Fowler and Adam Schefter from ESPN initially reported that Wilson it could come back four weeks after surgery.

Sunday morning, Wilson posted pictures of the stitches on his finger, and the pin head popping out of it.

Later in the day Geno Smith made his third start out instead of Wilson and led the Seahawks to a 31-7 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars to cut a three-game losing streak. Smith was responsible for three touchdowns and did not deliver the ball in his best performance since being hurt Wilson.

Carroll had more encouraging news around Chris carson, than those shared last Friday, when he suggested he had no certainty that the running back would return in the season from his neck injury. Carson plans to train next week with an eye toward coming back against Green bay, although Carroll he’s not sure he’ll be able to play in that match.

Carson He has missed the past four games and has spent three of them on injured reserve, meaning he is also eligible to return. You will be examined by doctors to determine if you are ready to return to practice.

“So, we will know where we stand once it is in practice,” he shared. Carroll. “He’s really determined to pull it off, so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that he has a chance to get back on the field and start working with us. He’s as optimistic as we can be until we know more.”

Alex collins has started the four games that have been lost Carson, rushing the ball 61 times for 227 yards and a touchdown in that span.

The cornerback Dj reed appears to be fine after leaving Sunday’s duel with a groin problem, according to Carroll. He said an MRI came back negative.

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