The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 8

The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 8

We review the hierarchical order of the league after eight days of activity in the regular season

Week 8 was atypical in several ways for the NFL. For starters, the last undefeated team of the campaign fell.

A handful of backup quarterbacks – Mike White, Geno Smith, Cooper Rush and Trevor Siemian – bravely leaped in for their teams, all of them coming out on top in difficult circumstances.

Also, there were a couple of serious injuries to key players, and the best team in the American Conference fell to one of the perpetual sotaneros.

In addition, the day was dominated by local teams. All of this led to the NFL Power Rankings of ESPN will suffer a serious shake in its most recent edition.

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After eight weeks of campaign action, this is what it looks like the pecking order of the 32 NFL teams:

Note: The numbers in parentheses correspond to the position of each team in the previous week.

The Rams operate with the confidence of knowing themselves among the favorites to win it all this year, and that partly explains why it doesn’t hurt to part with two second-day picks for a linebacker like Von Miller. Plus, it’s time to get serious about Cooper Kupp’s bid for NFL Offensive Player of the Year. – RZ

Not only did the Packers finish the Cardinals’ undefeated on the road, they did so without their top three receivers and without Aaron Rodgers having to pitch too much. It’s time to tag Green Bay as a NFC favorite. – EC

The obvious theme with Dallas would be to highlight the triumph with Cooper Rush and his 325 yards passing in a difficult enclosure like Minnesota, but the defense deserves honorable mention by limiting Kirk Cousins ​​to less than 200 yards down the same road. The rest of the calendar benefits them a lot for – if they are able to maintain the level – aspire to be the first place in the National Conference. – LMV

The numbers don’t lie, but they don’t tell the whole story either: Kyler Murray came out of the Cardinals’ first loss of the season with two interceptions to his name, though neither was his fault. Either way, Arizona is in time to use the disaster as motivation for the future. – RZ

The dramatic win over the Colts is a reminder of what life without Derrick Henry will be like for the Titans, with the difference that not all opponents will make Carson Wentz’s mistakes to give them a chance to win. – EC

The games against Jaguars and Jets should be a field day for them on both sides of the ball, but the same was thought against Miami, and perhaps overconfidence led them to complicate their lives against the Dolphins at home despite being a team with just one win in the year. – LMV

No one is tougher on himself than Tom Brady, and it is sure to be a personally demanding week for the Buccaneers quarterback after a three-turnover performance in the stumble against New Orleans. – RZ

Bye week should certainly have helped Lamar Jackson recover from the tremendous workload he’s had this season, but the Ravens won’t go far if the rest of the offense doesn’t help their explosive quarterback. – EC

New Orleans can boast what few in this season by beating the Packers and Buccaneers, two contenders in the National Conference, but the cost of beating Tampa Bay with the loss of Jameis Winston may be more significant than is believed. Time to pick up the phone to land a quarterback before the trade deadline? – LMV

Day off doesn’t always come at the most opportune time for teams, and it remains to be seen whether the Raiders don’t lose the great moment they had after their two impressive victories in recent weeks. – RZ

Pittsburgh left the bottom of the division thanks to a defense that managed to stop the solid attack of the Browns. Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t spectacular, but he showed that he can lead this team to victory when he can balance the attack and is not forced to shoot the ball all the time. – EC

His defense was in the bottom of passing yards, but the performance against an anemic Jets offense that added more than 500 yards was ridiculous. These are the kinds of losses that at the end of the season they will remember as the hangover from the authoritarian victory against the Ravens and now we can only wait to see which version they will show against another divisional rival. – LMV

Little by little, the Patriots are shaping a new identity in the Mac Jones era, and the running game that Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson can contribute to open the play-action plays should be one of the pillars for the future. – RZ

This is a tough wake-up call for querterback Justin Herbert; his turnovers ended up burying the Chargers and what seemed like a promising season has now been complicated in a division where there is very little room for error. – EC

The defense couldn’t be demanded much more after their offense only decided to appear with points on the scoreboard in their first possession of the first and third quarters, in addition to going 3 of 12 in key conversions to keep their attacks alive. The return of Baker Mayfield was not enough and perhaps they are one of the teams that surprise with some trades to get rid of some pieces. – LMV

The Giants only stole one ball in the game from Patrick Mahomes, but it could have been more for a quarterback who, at the moment, cannot turn off the turnaround. – RZ

The Panthers got the ball out of Sam Darnold’s hands, with a game plan focused on carries, and the result was another victory. This formula will continue to pay off in Carolina when star running back Christian McCaffrey returns. – EC

Their victory over Washington shouldn’t be a disguise for how poorly they played at home despite breaking a four-game losing streak. It is true that Vic Fangio can be singled out, but the level displayed by Teddy Bridgewater was deplorable and Melvin Gordon’s fumble that put his win at risk are things that go beyond what the head coach can do. – LMV

Elijah Mitchell isn’t going to be the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, but if the Niners are to make the postseason, the rookie running back will play a decisive role in it. – RZ

It is true that they played Detroit, but Philadelphia left a pleasant taste in the mouth running the ball at pleasure. In all, the Eagles had 46 carries and four rushing touchdowns. This is the recipe Philly must follow if he wants to keep winning some games and build some confidence in quarterback Jalen Hurts. – EC

The defense looked like in its best days, but who is not going to do it against an attack like that of the Jaguars that had 52 pass attempts by Trevor Lawrence for only 238 yards, so we cannot say it was a victory to throw bells to the ball either. flight that, apart, did not allow them to leave the bottom of the division with their 3-5 mark. – LMV

Carson Wentz had earned all kinds of accolades for his way of caring for the ball earlier in the season, but it’s been two weeks with ridiculous deliveries that take us back to the final stretch of his time with Philly; this week, two interceptions cost the victory in a critical divisional duel. – RZ

The Vikings won’t get anywhere if they don’t involve wide receiver Justin Jefferson more. The most dangerous weapon in Minnesota’s offense finished with just two receptions for 21 yards, and with those numbers they can’t hope to do too much. – EC

Justin Fields has shown some progress but they suffered their second consecutive loss at home and everything indicates that they aspire to a new victory at Soldier Field until December 20 against the Vikings as they will now host the Ravens and the Cardinals, but there are also Needless to say, they need to improve a lot on the work of the secondary defense as Deebo Samuel was close to 200 receiving yards and Chris Godwin also had over 100 a week ago. – LMV

It looked like the Atlanta campaign was gaining some steam, but Calvin Ridley’s absence weighed on a roster with no offensive weapons to spare, least of all on a bad Matt Ryan day. – RZ

The unknown Mike White destroyed the Bengals defense with three touchdown passes to guide the Jets to an unlikely victory, and although it will not be enough to generate a controversy with Zach Wilson for the title, it should have been enough to earn another opportunity. above newcomer Joe Flacco. – EC

It is true that the best version of the Chiefs were not measured, but among the salvageable points was the work of the defensive line that constantly besieged Patrick Mahomes and gave opportunities to an offense that only frustrated his teammates on the other side of the ball because It really does cause headaches when you try to move the chains and put points on the scoreboard. – LMV

The mere fact that Ron Rivera needs to reaffirm each week that Taylor Heinicke remains as the starter tells us everything we need to know about the quarterback’s real chances of having a long career at the helm of the offense. – RZ

The Jaguars continue to show a fighting spirit, and after a terrible season, rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence has kept his sanity not to collapse. This is a good sign going forward for Jacksonville, but it is urgent that they surround their quarterback with enough weapons or next year it will be more of the same. – EC

The defense was their calling card for the 2021 season and for three quarters they behaved at the height with no support from the offensive counterpart. The point of hope for them is that if they maintain this they will be able to aspire to victories against Texans, Jets and Giants in the coming weeks. – LMV

It is still a bit of work to believe that this team has won a game this season when we see what it offers us Sunday to Sunday on the grids. – RZ

The Lions passed up what seemed like their best chance to win in the remainder of a tough schedule; Now the biggest draw left in Detroit is to see if Dan Campbell, a member of that terrible 2008 team, can become the first person in NFL history to be part of a team that ends a season winless as a player and as a player. head coach. – EC

They participate in the elaboration of the NFL Power Rankings for ESPN: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafa Zamorano (RZ)

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