This was the arrival of Canelo and Caleb Plant at the MGM Grand for their fight on Saturday

Así fue la llegada de Canelo y Caleb Plant al MGM Grand para su pelea del sábado

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Caleb Plant made their official arrival at MGM Grand Hotel from Las Vegas and they declared themselves ready for the historic fight they will have on Saturday. From there will come the undisputed super middleweight champion, who will remain in the power of the four world title belts.

As in the arrival of boxers for fights of this caliber, there was no face-to-face between the Canelo and Caleb Plant. The Mexican, side A of the evening, arrived after his opponent. Therefore, there was no possibility of seeing them face to face, which will happen on Wednesday.

The arrival of Canelo

Canelo He arrived more than 30 minutes after his rival. And he did it with mariachi music in the background. “Guadalajara, Guadalajara”, “Son de la Negra” and “Mexico Lindo y Querido” were the songs that sounded prior to his arrival. This time, without an audience due to the pandemic, only with accredited media.

Gray pants with the green, white and red flag on the front, white tennis shoes and cap were the clothing worn by the man from Guadalajara. Saul He arrived accompanied by his coach Eddy reynoso and the rest of your team. Relaxed and smiling, he posed for the photographers’ lenses before making his first statements.

“It will last between 7 and 9 rounds,” he warned. Canelo about the fight with Plant. “Thank you all, I hope you will be there as always on Saturday, we will all make history together.”

Added the monarch of CMB, AMB and OMB that going back to Vegas is wonderful. This fight means a lot to him, as it will expand his legacy and make history if he manages to unify all four 168-pound belts.

“It means a lot, no one has managed to unify this weight,” added the Canelo. “For me it is very important, it is easy to say, but there have been others who have not achieved this, to be the first if God wants … imagine.”

“If I didn’t think I’m going to win, I wouldn’t be here”: Caleb Plant

The first to arrive was Caleb Plant, accompanied by his entire work team. All with gray pants, white shirt and cap that had the name of the champion of the FIB.

“I’m happy to be here”, were the first words of Plant. “I come for everything and for all the belts, on November 6 they will find out what I came for”.

Although some fans believe that Plant He accepted the fight only for the economic question and the bag he will win, he made it clear that he will show it on the MGM Grand ring.

“If I didn’t think I’m going to win, I wouldn’t be here, there’s nothing they say that can change my mind, I came to win,” he said. Plant. “The numbers do not have to do nor are they going to distract me. Many times I have not been a favorite, I do not pay attention to that, I think about training and discipline ”.

He made it clear that he has dedicated his life to the sport of punching and that both he and his team have sacrificed a lot for boxing. “We are happy to be here and we are going to win those belts.”

After the altercation at the press conference where the fight was featured, Canelo and Plant They will be face to face again on Wednesday, when both star in the press conference prior to the stellar fight of the evening.

On Friday they will comply with the weigh-in ceremony and everything will be ready for the historic fight on Saturday, where one will leave with all four belts in their possession and as the undisputed champion of 168 pounds.

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