“Canelo lacks a wild fight, what blood, to be an idol,” says Travieso Arce

A Canelo le falta una pelea salvaje, que sangre, para ser ídolo, asegura Travieso Arce

A wild fight and one that practically comes out drenched in blood is what I would need Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez to achieve that boxing idol label for Mexicans, considered the former world champion Jorge “Naughty” Arce.

What does Canelo lack to be an idol, according to Travieso Arce?

“He lacks I think a wild fight, that comes out bleeding,” said the Naughty Maple in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “It is what I feel, in which it shows that it has potential.”

If anyone has the credentials to talk about those epic fights that people don’t forget, it’s the Naughty Maple. George ended up with his face bathed in blood after a war with Hussein Hussein and got off the mat to knock out Wilfredo “Papito” Vázquez.

“I think he needs that,” reiterated the Naughty Maple regarding a memorable fight. “I think he lacks a rival who gives a good fight, he knocks them all out fast, he is the best Pound for pound”.

For him Naughty Maple, to the Canelo you need more drama on the ring to be an idol.

Photo: Canelo Team (Twitter)

As superior as he is, Canelo’s fights seem fixed

Considering the five-time world champion, the superiority of the Canelo on the ring that is why many people think that their fights are fixed. That is why Arce thinks that a complicated and dramatic fight would be ideal for Canelo Reach the level of idol.

“Really, (Canelo) looks much superior, ”he said Jorge Arce. “He is the best Pound for Pound, at his weight he has no opposition, he hits everyone fast. That’s why I think people say their fights are fixed, but I think Canelo he is much superior, he knocks them out and people don’t believe him ”.

Canelo will knock out Plant, predicts Arce

Of the fight that he will have Canelo this Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas before Caleb Plant, where the Mexican goes for the only title that he lacks in the super middlemen to be undisputed champion, the Naughty Maple He asserted that he will achieve it and that it will be by knockout.

“I believe that Canelo he’s going to win by knockout ”, he assured. “It is going to establish itself as the best Pound for Pound. He is going to win the 4 titles and I think he should win by knockout, no problem, he makes me the best Pound for pound of the moment ”.

Of the American boxer, he commented that he is not so skilled on defense and that the Mexican will take advantage of to leave with his arm raised and a historic victory.

Canelo has power, “commented the Naughty Maple. “I was watching trainings from Plant And it is not seen that he is very moved, it is not seen that he is so skilled at taking off blows, he is half standing. TO Canelo that makes it easier for him, he hits hard and I think he should knock him out ”.

Canelo Álvarez and Billy Joe Saunders

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