Gerard Piqué: “I feel healthy envy of Madrid”

Gerard Piqué: "I feel healthy envy of Madrid"

Gerard Piqué, Barcelona player and president of Kosmos, organizer of the Davis Cup, declared that “I would have no problem holding an event at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium if it made sense,” and praised the Spanish capital, calling it an “example for Europe. and the world for all that it is doing. “

The final phases of the Davis Cup (November 25 to December 5) will be played in Madrid, as in 2019, with the best teams in the world in search of the salad bowl of champions. “The 2019 edition was spectacular. There were things to improve, such as the schedules, which we are now trying to fix with three cities, and changing the matches of the group stage. In addition, at the ticket level we are doing very well,” said Piqué, who expects an edition “more successful than in 2019”.

“There are all possible rackets that are eligible, except for the injured. There is a high level competition and we are going to enjoy it,” confessed the Barcelona footballer, who regretted the absence of Rafa Nadal in the Spanish team, although he admitted that the team that directs Sergi Bruguera has “great players”.

“Rafa was in 2019. I have talked to him sometimes, he has always been involved with the Davis Cup and the example was two years ago, when he played everything and ended up busted. Spain has a great team, there are players like Carlos Alcaraz who we can play with. see him debuting at 18 and I’m sure he will do it incredibly well because he has the ability to get many results, “he said.

Piqué did not want to reveal the plans he has with the Davis Cup in terms of future venues for the celebration, although he did admit that the idea is to change cities. “The agreement with Madrid was for two years and in 2020 it could not be organized due to the pandemic. We would like to stay more years but this is the tennis world championship and it has to go to other cities and other countries,” he confessed.

“At the moment you have to enjoy this edition. I love my city (Barcelona) more than anything but I feel healthy envy of Madrid, of everything it is doing. It is an example for Europe and the whole world. I would like Barcelona to be around that level and I think that in recent years it is costing us more, “he said. “We must praise Madrid. I have always felt at home here and I do not do it for money. They have never said anything bad to me on the street, despite the bad period with the national team,” said Piqué, who acknowledged that the whistles received in the matches played at the Santiago Bernabéu they are “normal”.

“With the rivalry that exists, I love that they receive you hostilely or with whistles. It is part of our job,” said the Barcelona footballer, who is not reluctant to organize, in the future, an event at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

“In organizing the Davis Cup at the Bernabéu I would have no problem if it made sense, but it is complicated. In a stadium seeing the ball is difficult. Real Madrid is a team that I have an extreme rivalry for but when they do not play, if you can use it in an event, and more after the works they are doing, which will make it spectacular, there would be no problem, “he confessed.

“I am passionate about organizing sporting events, being creative and thinking of new ways to reach the public,” said Piqué, who did not want to talk about the current situation of his team and ironically confessed that he had not had the opportunity to give tickets to Xavi Hernández, candidate to the bench of the Catalan team.

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