Manager Dusty Baker believes he will return with his Astros to compete

Manager Dusty Baker believes he will return with his Astros to compete

HOUSTON – The Houston Astros will have decisions to make following their World Series loss to the Atlanta Braves.

But the one who is convinced that there is human material to continue competing and wants to return in 2022 to complete the job is manager Dusty Baker.

At 72, Baker said he wants to stay in charge of the Astros to try to win the only title he has not won in a long career in the Major Leagues, that of champion of the Fall Classic as a manager.

“I still have an unfinished business,” Baker said at a news conference after they lost Game 6 7-0, which consummated the loss in the World Series on Tuesday at his Minute Maid Park. “I want these guys here. I love the city of Houston. The fans have been behind us. These guys gave it their all. They played against adversity, they went through too much all year. We just ran out of gas on pitching. “

Baker still does not win a World Series, he lost the opportunity for the second time, as happened in 2002 when he managed the San Francisco Giants. He has managed for 24 seasons and is the only manager to have been a division champion with five different teams.

“No one is going to complain or justify,” he added. “We were outmatched tonight.”

The reality is that the Astros were outscored in pitching and batting throughout the World Series. These Astros who dominated the batting throughout the season were unable to connect at the opportune moments of short and long range in front of the Atlanta pitchers.

Houston dropped nearly eight players on average in four losses to the Braves and had one hit in 22 at-bats combined with running backs in scoring position. They only hit two homers, both by José Altuve, in the entire series.

“They were pitching us very hard,” Baker said. “You have to give them credit for their great pitching. They studied us very well. Yordan (Álvarez) couldn’t keep killing the ball in the way he did the previous series ”.

“They did hit the ball out of the park on us,” he added. “That way they finished us. It was the way they played all year, getting a few walks, hitting with two outs and a few home runs. They hit more home runs in our ballpark than we did and that usually doesn’t happen. “

The owner of the team, Jim Crane, assured that his Astros will continue to compete the way they have done for almost a decade and that they will analyze all the aspects that cost the second championship in the history of the franchise.

“People always refer to the window (to compete for titles), they say the window can be closed,” he said. “As long as I’m here, that window will always remain open.”

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