Without face and with respect, Canelo and Plant met with the last press conference

Sin encare y con respeto, Canelo y Plant cumplieron con última conferencia de prensa

Although this time there was no face, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Caleb Plant they met for the second time in the last conference before the fight on Saturday. This time, both chose to lower the decibels of their rivalry with respect to the first press conference.

At the last press conference, on Wednesday afternoon, prevailed between Canelo and Plant the equanimity, the distance, and the warning phrases always measured, respectful and without insults.

The fighters spoke more about their legacy, than about the rivalry that was generated with the first press conference in which both ended with blows.

Even, Caleb Plant said that what happened at that conference was something that the media exaggerated, rather than what actually happened

“I didn’t mean to get into your mind, you guys exaggerated it,” he said. Plant. “I’ve been in worse fights than that. So I don’t keep anything from that conference. “

The Canelo he also dismissed what happened at the first press conference.

“I did not learn anything from Caleb in the last press conference because that is very different from being in the ring, “he said. Canelo.

Within that atmosphere of equanimity, perhaps the moment of maximum tension was when Caleb Plant took the podium with the microphone to speak, and was a few inches from where the Canelo.

Plant turned to look directly at the Canelo and asked him a question.

Canelo You’ve said that Mexicans don’t make fools of themselves, right? ”he asked. Plant to Canelo.

The Mexican nodded.

“It’s good to know, because where I’m from, we don’t make fools either,” he concluded. Plant.

Canelo he nodded more in a tone of annoyance and weariness.

There was no confrontation between Canelo and Plant

After a round of questions with the media present, in which both reiterated that they seek to cement their legacy with the fight on Saturday, the conference ended.

After what happened last September in the first conference, this time there was no confrontation between the two fighters, and they simply posed for the photographers with their belts with a couple of meters of distance between them.

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